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Replacement Lover

It was as if she didn’t need him anymore, James thought. They were still married, he was still her submissive, but nothing was the same. Nothing had been, since she brought him home.

Alex was his name, and he was a big man. Tall, muscled, huge. Even his cock was a monster — two inches wide and ten inches long (James remembered how she made him measure it.)

Their lovemaking — at least his part in it — had become routine. She’d lock him up as soon as he got home from work. Alex would arrive soon after and they’d adjourn immediately to their bedroom. Then she’d call for him, and he’d crawl to the bedroom.

She’d left him no choice. James’ hands and ankles bound together, so he could only shuffle into the bedroom. Once there, Alex and his wife would already be naked. His wife, his Mistress, would have her legs splayed wide. Alex’s gigantic member would be bouncing, ready.

“Get me wet,” she would command. James occasionally wondered why she wasn’t already wet — she’d never had a problem with that before, but most of the time he was too quickly thrust against her cunt. He’d lick her until her juices were flowing and she was covered in spit. Then Alex would grab him and shove him out of the way.

Alex’s huge cock would pierce her slit, stretching it obscenely wide. James had not choice but to watch it slide, inexorably in and out of his Mistress’ cunt. She would moan in ever increasing pitch and tempo crying out in loud orgasm. Alex would fill her cunt soon after with an apelike grunt.

Then she’d demand his attention again. “Clean me out James.” She would usually come as his tongue sought out Alex’s offensive cum, swallowing it down as he did so. Lately, Alex had been demanding similar services, and James was forced to suck and lick the giant thing that had fucked his wife.

After he was clean, and newly hard, Alex would push him off the bed onto the wooden floor. He’d climb into the bed, spooning with his wife, running his cock between her asscheeks, sometimes fucking her again, sometimes drifting off to pleasant sleep.

Their loud lovemaking was his new alarm clock, and he was called again to cleaning service. After he was done the dominating couple would release him with only enough time to shower and dress before he had to return to work.

After he got to work, he’d find a bathroom. Any one would do, but he preferred ones that weren’t on his regular floor. He’d find a stall, drop his pants, and free his continuously hard cock. He’d masturbate, thinking of the morning and the night before, and the way they had used him.

James dreaded getting caught. By work, or worse, by his wife. But she hadn’t let him touch himself when she was around since she brought Alex home.

And James found he couldn’t resist.

Society Initiation

At least Darren was in the same position she was. It made sense considering they’d decided to do this together, submission to the Society. They were both naked and on their knees. Her lower calves were roped together; her forearms were bound behind her back. Two clamps were tightened down on her nipples and a jar hung between the the clamps, suspended on a chain.

Every few minutes or so, someone would come up, drop some small change in the jar, and jam their cock in her mouth. Sometimes they’d let her do it, but most of them just grabbed her long blonde hair, and fucked her face. They’d come, in her or on her, and the next one would step up.

Darren was mostly doing women, and they took longer. When is a woman done coming anyway? It’s not like with men. So Allie had some hope that she’d fill her jar before he did, even though it dragged down on her breast more and more as the men lined up to get a blow.

This was their night as entertainment for the Society’s club. Each time a pair of slaves was chosen to do whatever evil thing the dominants from the Society wanted. Usually it was a competition between them, and whoever won went — mostly — unbound for the day, and weren’t as restricted as normal. The last time she’d won, Allie had spent the day in bed masturbating over and over until she rubbed herself raw.

The next few days hadn’t been very comfortable, but since the Society didn’t guarantee them orgasm (in fact, quite the opposite), it was well worth it. Of course, losing was much less pleasant. The penalties involved were painful and unpleasant. And you were barred from orgasm for a week or more, a punishment the Society reveled in.

Lately they had taken to pairing her with her husband. If she won, he’d be put into a male chastity belt, and whipped and caned. Of course, if she lost, then the same would happen to her. Of course, she thought, wily, he would never be able to take advantage of “orgasm day” as fully as she could, and the thought of him bound, whipped, sent tingles through her.

The man in her mouth came against the back of her throat, and she dutifully swallowed. She didn’t care about the act anymore, but still loved the feel of being used, of being forced to choose whether she or her husband would be the one punished. Of course, Darren faced the same choices, and from the looks of things as he went down on Mistress Talia, he enjoyed it well.

Talia shuddered in orgasm, and she dropped several coins in Darren’s jar. He winced at the new weight against his nipples, and Talia pulled him back down to her cunt. This wasn’t the way it was supposed to work! Allie looked down at her jar, barely half-full, and over at her husband’s which was at least three-quarters full!

Before she could react, there was tinkling of coins, and another cock at her lips. She sucked him as he fucked her mouth. She realized she may not win, and her pussy clenched. Allie wasn’t sure which she wanted. If desire had been simple for her, she wouldn’t have joined the Society.

Behind her, she felt the gentle caress of Mistress Marie. “Suck well, my darling, you have to get through a lot more men than your precious husband. I have a wager running on this, and if you fail me, well, I’ll make sure your punishment is exquisite.”

Allie moaned around the cock, sucking harder, trying to get him off faster and better. Behind her, Mistress Marie cackled with glee. Allie orgasmed as cum hit the back of her throat.

The Society mentioned here becomes the main rail of Sir Tortuga’s Society/Fucktoy Blog as well as influencing Girl #16180.  It’s probable the Society exists in the Cuckolder and Fellatist universes as well. I hope to write some stuff about them again. In fact, the next archival piece follows Allie and Darren, somewhat. (And mirrors some of the other more current pieces I’ve been writing, which is interesting.  For instance, compare this with “to Suck” .