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Review: The urJoy Orgasm Summoner

Hello readers! Rosie Risqué here again with another sex toy review, this month the urJoy Orgasm Summoner.

When urJoy contacted me and asked me to review their latest toy, I jumped at the chance. Anyone reading this blog will know that urJoy makes the highest quality luxury sex toys in the world. Also, their price tag puts them out of the range of anyone who isn’t a fabulously wealthy and/or a sex blogger. So when they offered to send me one, I literally jumped at the chance, one hand caressing my nipple with the other on my greedy clit while I jumped up and down..

I’d almost forgotten about the request, which came months ago, but a mysterious box arrived just a few days ago — just in time for Halloween.The box itself was wooden with intricate carvings that reflected the light, almost seeming to glow on their own. The carvings were in the shape of a pentagram with the words “urJoy Orgasm Summoner / for when a phallus is not enough!” written around the circle itself in a fancy runic script.

Opening the box, the Summoner lay nestled in a soft velvet compartment. It looked mostly like a cock ring with vibrating egg attachment, and made me wonder if I should have gotten the aid of an adoring fan to test this one out. The enclosed instruction booklet (more about that later) made it clear that the urJoy Orgasm Summoner was meant to be a solo-use toy.

Pulling out the Summoner, I found that it was made of urJoy’s classic and exquisite material that I’ve always enjoyed, and feels excellent against my skin. What first looked like pleasure ridges turned out to be more runes, the majority of which ran around the ring in a flowing and unreadable script.

There was a small compartment for several condoms, which was strange, but which I learned are vital to the proper functioning of the urJoy Orgasm Summoner. The condom packaging listed the brand name as the “urJoy Conjorom” and has the same pentagram-like circle stamped on it.. On top of it all there was a small booklet, which had the words “ABSOLUTELY IMPORTANT! Read before using the urJoy Orgasm Summoner, on pain of your soul!” I’m not sure how pure the the soul of a sexblogger is, but I decided to take their advice.

The book advised three important safe sex rules (safer sex rules being the few I always follow!) First, to always use one of the Conjurom brand condoms on the ring of the urJoy Orgasm Summoner. Second, while using the Summoner, to be certain that the ring was in line with your “preferred penetrative orifice.” Third, be sure to use plenty of lube. That last is always good advice, in my book.

Finally, the book lists several small chants that can be used to “exponentially increase operator’s satisfaction.” I won’t repeat it here, but if you get your own urJoy Orgasm Summoner,it is included in the booklet. Personally I used the one marked for a “Full-filling Experience.”

I lit a few candles around the room, and put on some quiet music. I pulled out one of the Conjurom condoms, and opened it up. As it lay flat, it also had a pentagram or summoning circle (Clair, one of my readers, says it’s actually a Solomon’s Circle! Thanks Clair, a bottle of lube is coming your way!). It was also shaped slightly differently so it could sit inside the cock ring of the Summoner, which had special flaps to hold the Conjurom..

If this all sounds a bit strange to you, reader, imagine how I felt doing it! Still, I try to use the sex toys according to the manufacturer’s specifications at least the first time, just to be sure I give them the fairest shake of all. And this time, I can say it was totally worth it.

I lay back on my bed with my legs open (is there any other way?) I placed the vibrating part of the urJoy Orgasm Summoner against my clit, being sure that the ring encircled my wet (well-lubed) and hungry pussy. The vibrations were nice, and like all urJoy toys, it felt wonderful against my skin. The motor had enough oomph to send chills up my spine, and would have been good enough by itself.

That’s when I decided to start the chant.

The chant felt very secret cult-like, with a nice rhythm which I matched with movements of the urJoy Orgasm Summoner. I slid the urJoy up and down my pussy as I chanted. My free hand teased my nipple (as you do). Shocks went through my body as I was on the cusp of my first orgasm, then every candle in my room went out and relit. There was a tinge of sulfur in the air, as well.

I barely had time to register that though, as there was the distinct feeling of a cock filling me up. Not just any cock, either, a large thick cock.

I let the urJoy go and it stayed in place, held by an unseen force. An unseen force, I discovered, had hands which grasped and mauled my breasts. I reached up and I could feel the firm muscles of an invisible man above me. When I touched him, I heard the low and raspy demand: “Chant.”

I realized I’d stopped reciting the chant and I picked it up. He fucked me with the same rhythm, and I wrapped my legs around him to urge him on. As I chanted he became more solid, and I saw that his skin was a dark red. He had horns on his head and his tail caressed my legs as he fucked me.

As he became more solid, his hands moved up and held my hands down, and his forked tongue teased my nipples, and his sharp teeth nipped at my breasts. That, dear readers, is when I started coming. I gave up the chant, but it no longer seemed to matter. I’m not sure how long he fucked me — some time between fifteen minutes and forever. Personally, I spent the whole time coming or about to come.

Finally I could tell he was close and he pounded into me. He cried out, shouting out “Yess!” in a horrible and earthy tone, and I could feel him pulsing inside of me. I let out a scream and orgasm of my own, and then he was gone, nothing to think he was there, but a used (yet empty?) condom and the smell of sulfur in the air.

And a very satisfied Rosie.

I slept the sleep of the innocent that night, I tell you. Only I’m pretty sure I’m not. Innocent, that is.

The next morning there was no sign of him but the (completely) empty Conjorom and a few beautiful love-bites on my breast. The pentagram-marking on the Conjorom were distorted and distressed, and I felt sure they’d been responsible in restraining my demon lover.

A quick check of the urJoy website tells me two things. First, the urJoy Orgasm Summoner is easily one-third of the normal cost for an urJoy toy. The urJoy Conjurom’s however, come in a five pack, and are easily 5-10 times the price than normal condoms at your local grocer’s. Personally, I wouldn’t use the toy without them. But then I’ve got four more, and I plan to use every last one.

I give the urJoy Orgasm Summoner eight levels of hell out of nine, but only because of the limited uses and the lock-in for Conjuroms.

Rosie Risqué is an homage to Daisy Danger, who – as far as I know – has never summoned a demon for her own personal satisfaction.

Oskar and the Jeweled Collar (1/2)

Getting in was ridiculously easy, and felt like cheating. Edolie, my wonderful and capable fence, had traded a fine ale for a key to the servant’s entrance of the Weston estate. That the ale had fallen off a cart the night before, and wasn’t part of her Inn’s normal stores, was beside the matter. Edolie was fond of a well crafted plan, with multiple options and good information. It’s why we were so successful and free to continue our business.

Tonight’s target was a lovely jeweled collar that Lady Weston had worn in her recent wedding ceremony. It had been all the talk of the elites of Winterhaven, since it openly marked her subservience to her husband. The collar was encrusted with gems: diamonds as well as emeralds and blue sapphires chosen to match the colors of her House.

The collar was magical, or so Edolie told me. She had the ability to see magic in things and people; she wasn’t the only one, so it became an open secret that Lady Weston had a magic collar. Someone wanted it; someone willing to go through less than legal channels. Like myself.

Thankfully the Lord and Lady were on their honeymoon, which included a trip to the Lady’s home in Adhoven, where both magic and any deviation from standard sexuality was shunned. Thus we were quite certain that the collar lay within their estate. The Lord and Lady, and most of their retinue, were gone – leaving the estate mostly empty and ripe for the pickings.

And I had a key to the place.

The servant’s entrance was on an alley running behind the estate. It was primarily used for deliveries, and the basement it opened up onto was filled with crates and boxes. I knew from Edolie’s maps that there was a cold storage and a wine cellar off the entrance, neither of which I cared about. I also knew this was the servant’s primary entrance, so I knew there would be a fairly clear path into the house itself, which might be unguarded and completely open.

Not that I counted on that — I have a few tricks of my own.

Everyone has some connection to the seven spheres of magic. Unsurprisingly, my connection is primarily to agility — I can use my connection to help dodge blows or climb walls or lift coins out of purses. It helps make me what I am, but doesn’t fully account for my success. Edolie and good planning is a large part of that, but we both know I have other skills to draw on.

I have a small connection to the sphere of voice, as well. I can’t command with my voice, and my pitch is horrible, instead what I have is the most acute hearing I’ve ever encountered. If I know the sound I’m hearing, I can trace it’s echoes, through the space I’m in, and since sound carries through walls I can quickly “see” what is around me. I’ve spent months practicing it with my favorite soundmaker: the Gold Crown of Winterhaven.

I pulled a coin out of my own purse and with a flick of my thumb, spun it into the air. I closed my eyes and stood still, focusing my attention on the sound. The coin hit, sending off it’s metal sound, and filling the area with echoes. The coin’s sound would be inaudible upstairs to your average person, but I knew their shape, and could follow them up.

From that I was able to discern two things. First, the map Edolie had was fairly accurate. There was a secret passage to the second floor form the first that wasn’t on the map. There was no telling how that was trapped or used, so I stuck to the current plan of slipping up the servant’s stairs. Second, there were only five other people in the house. Two were on the first floor, and the remaining three were on the top floor. That was my destination so I’d have to keep an ear out for them.

I listened to their heartbeats, attuning myself to them for later. I can’t move and keep my hearing open — it’s too distracting and loud. Plus, if someone says something even in a slightly louder than normal tone, it would be deafening. So I clamped it down and headed for the door.

I put my hand on the door out of the Weston’s basement and felt the familiar hum of a magical ward. Most people don’t have the ability to sense and manipulate magic through Touch, and since it’s not channelled through the seven spheres, less is known about it. That’s a good thing for me, as I use it regularly to assess objects and bypass security. Most magical door alarms trigger when someone who is not attuned to them breaks their flow. The Weston’s door from the basement into their house proper was no different.

It is good basic security, but particularly easy for me to bypass. All I had to do was redirect the flow of magic through my body, that way it was never broken. I put my left hand on the door, and my right on the jamb and opened myself to the ward’s magic. It flowed through me and the alarm wouldn’t sound as long as I kept up the connection. I waited until the heartbeats I could hear moved into another room — one was in the kitchens and the other worked in what Edolie had marked as the library. I closed the door behind me and let the magic go back into it’s prescribed flow.

I paused, shut my eyes, and felt out for the other heartbeats. One was upstairs by itself, in the master bedroom. Hopefully they’d move before I got there. The other two were both in a guest bedroom, and very,very close together. I chuckled at that. While the lord’s away, the servants
play. That’s when I heard the shrill ringing, it was so loud it almost knocked me over. I let out a grunt, realized anyone could have heard me, and slid into a nearby closet to hide.

Had I set off the alarm? What was the noise?

I shut down my hearing before I got a headache, and realized that the sound was too high pitched for anyone to hear it. I breathed a sigh of relief and laughed at myself. Adrenaline rushed through me, and I started feeling good. A lot of what I do, I admit, is to get that thrill — the one that comes with potential for discovery. It’s thrilling and not just for the danger, it’s a sexual high. Some part of all the money I get goes to filling my bed after a good run; the rush I was feeling right then aroused me, and I grew hard with anticipation.

I couldn’t tell where anyone was without my Hearing, so I opened the closet door to peer out and see what was going on. A female form moved from the kitchen area into the receiving room. “Landon, are you around?” she called out.

“I’m coming, Ember,” a deep male voice replied.

I watched as the two came together, right in view from the closet. The woman, Ember, wore a simple peasant dress that came down to below ankles; over it was a white apron. She’d already pulled off and dropped her bonnet, revealing long, dark black hair that was pulled back into a tight bun. Landon was obviously a manservant of some kind, probably head of the household. He wore a black jacket and dark pants. His hair was short, dark brown, and beginning to turn grey around his temples.

From my vantage point, they stood between me and the back of a chaise lounge. As they approached each other, they embraced. The maid turned her face up and Landon leaned down and kissed her, first tentativ
ely then with more passion. She moaned into the kiss. “Oh, Landon,” she said. “Why have we never done this?”

I was enrapt in what was going on, but wondered that myself. I was hard, and stroked myself as the two made out.

“There was never time, Ember,” he said. “But now we don’t need to wait.” Her hands went to the laces of his pants, untying them, and pulling out his cock. She knelt before him, and he worked her hair out of its bun while she licked the tip of his member. When it was free, she shook her head, letting the hair cascade across his cock before she took him wholly into her mouth. He let out a deep sigh and she slid up and down him looking up at him as she did.

He swallowed. “Ember,” he said, almost stuttering. “You know that I am normally a very patient man.” She nodded on his cock, only stopping from her rhythm for a moment. “Not today, Ember.” She smiled around his cock, and he reached down to her, helping her up.

He bent her over the chaise then, her ass pointed right at me. He lifted her skirts up over her head, and tore at her undergarments until I could see her wet lips, and smell her arousal. He stood behind her, and slid into her with a single thrust. She let out a happy yell, and I stayed there, hidden in the closet watching them and stroking my cock. I bumped the door carelessly so that it was wide enough I could see more of the view. I wished they’d taken the time to get more naked, but it didn’t matter — their cries and wet sounds of fucking were enough.

It was also the ideal moment to leave the closet. I was stealthy enough; they were engaged in their own activity enough. I could have slipped out and escaped the room. Logically, I could say that I didn’t because they were facing the way the plan had me going. I had to pass in front of them to reach the stairs that would take me to the second floor. But the truth is I could have gone another way, the route to the secret passageway I’d found was clear, and there were other routes — the Weston estate was huge. No, I stayed because I was transfixed; I was as enraptured by what was going on as these two, and my hand was tight around my cock, jerking in time to the butler’s thrusts.

I wasn’t going to make it out of here as long as they were fucking, and I was sure that they’d find me as soon as they were done. It was a stupid risk, but one I didn’t even consider not taking. I didn’t even think about it, I just stood there, stroking my cock.

It was only a matter of time.

This story is in the same world as Kadja: Gaining Power. All four links to that story can be found on the More Stories page.

Kadja: Gaining Power 4/4

(MF mast bondage dragon magic)

I pulled agasinst the chains that tied me to the sacrificial altar.  I don’t know if in that moment I wanted to escape, or get closer to the beast that flew above us. I looked up at it is at banked, and flew again across the moon.

At first it was just a pair of wings eclipsing the moon.  It flapped its wings, and dove straight for us.  As it fell, Jayne called out in that strange language and the torches burst into bright white light.  Still it fell toward us faster, and faster.

I tested my chains again, frightened of the collision as it got closer to us.  Suddenly it opened its wings with a snap that immediately slowed its progress.  “Dragon…” I whispered.  It was lovely, huge wings which blocked out all light except from our torches. Copper scales glistened in the white torchlight.  Its body hung between the wings, as if suspended in space above us. It’s head long and square, it’s tail twitching sinuously behind it.  

It settled down on hits hind legs onto the tower in front of me, about ten feet from my spread out legs. It passed it’s head — which was easily half the size of my body — over me.  It’s maw was filled with teeth, and I saw it’s forked tongue as it spoke to my sister.  “This is the sacrifice, then?”  It’s voice rumbled from deep within it’s body.  I could feel its power above me, even as i pulled on the chains for what comfort they could give me for all that they confined me there.

“Yes, Ohlim,” my sister responded.  “This is my sister Kadja.  She wants your help.”

Ohlim turned to me then, the tips of it’s tongue moving over my body.  “You want my help, little thing?”  The tongue tickled and teased me like a lover.  

I took a deep breath and looked it in it’s slit coppery eyes.  I was here for a reason.  “I want my power,” I said. “I cannot feel it.”  

I bit my lip as Ohlim fixed his gaze on me, looking into my soul.  “I can help with that, little Medrhi.  There is a cost, I will want a favor.”  Its tongue slid over my thighs, and up my side, under the chainmail covering my breasts.  The forks of hit tongue played with one nipple. 

This, then, was how I would be beholden.  It had to be worth it.  Anything would be.  I was too aroused to say anything aloud; I could only nod.  That was enough for him, it seemed, and for my sister.

She stepped up behind me, and touched my head to calm me. I took some strength from that.  “Dragons are asexual creatures,” she said.  “They live forever, unlike us.  But they are more than that, right Ohlim?”

I don’t know that I agreed with her. What he was doing with his tongue wasn’t asexual.  But I knew what she meant. It didn’t have the organs or the chakra — while I was both frightened and aroused by what it was doing, for Ohlim it was just an intellectual exercise.

“There is much more to us than it seems,” Ohlim said.  It began to transform above me, shrinking, solidifying, becoming humanoid, becoming decidedly male.  In shape, he was the mirror image of Antonio, but he still gleamed with coppery scales.  “I can transform to look like any human, and it gives the equipment and the chakra I need to help awaken your power,” he said.  “I can look even more human if you like…” he became the spitting image of Antonio for just a moment.  “But then the magic will not work so well.”  

“I think I prefer the scales,” I said. 

Jayne touched either side of my head and spoke again in that indecipherable speech.  She knelt behind me, and kissed the top of my head.  I felt her do something — I’m not sure what, but it was like a spark of electricity going from her lips to my head.  Then she stepped back.

Ohlim stepped forward then, and he stood between my legs at the base of the altar. I could feel him where he touched my legs.He leaned over me, to kiss me and I ran my face over his, feeling his skin. It was suprisingly smooth, despite the scales, supple and easy under my hands. I had thought his skin would be hard and unyielding, but it was anything but.  I pulled against my chains, wanting to touch him, to feel him, and to pull him to me.

His eyes were still draconic, coppery slits, and his lips met mine.  I opened my mouth to him, and our tongues touched, the forked tips of his tongue playing with my normal tongue.  I moaned into it.  I was so ready for him.  

His nails were pointed, like claws, and he gently dragged them over my body while we kissed.  I shivered beneath him, my need rising even higher.  His hands found my breasts, pushing the chainmail up and out of his way.  I moaned into our kiss as he fondled and squeezed my breasts.  

Pain is part of being Medrhi, but the feel of his hands digging into my breasts was exquisite pain. I cried out into our kiss, and he broke it, grinning down at me. He moved down my body, bringing those lips and that tongue to my nipples. First one, then the other. 

I closed my knees around him, but could only just barely touch his body. I wanted him, and wanted him now.  “Oh, Ohlim,” I urged him.  “Fuck me, fuck me now.”  But he wasn’t to be pressured.  He fondled and teased my breasts, squeezing them with his hands and licking my nipples with his tongue, almost bringing me to orgasm just from that.

“Please fuck me, Ohlim. By the gods, fuck me!” He chuckled as I swore, but moved to oblige me.  He pushed my chain loincloth away, and I felt his fingers on my legs.  His nails slid up my thighs, and I shivered in anticipation.  

Finally he was  touching my pussy.  “Wet,” he rumbled, his voice too large for his human-sized body.  “Gooood.”  His fingers lightly touched my clit, and I shuddered with a small orgasm.  It didn’t take much, considering.  “Now you are ready for me.”

I could feel his cock, at the lips of my pussy.  His cock was hard and unyielding, unlike the skin of his face.  That was good. I spread my legs as wide as I could and he thrust fully into me.  I cried out in release as he slid into me with another small orgasm.

He leaned over me then, on hand on the altar, and the other on my left breast.  He began sliding in and out of me then.  He slid all the way out, then all the way back in, the wholeness of his cock filling me completely.  “Feel that,” he rumbled.  “We touch at the root, in a sexual way.  We move together.  Feel the power rising, open yourself to it.”

He fucked me harder then, not pulling out all the way, but still those long sure strokes.  Still that full press into me. I tried to breath, but his hand on my breast made it hard.  He squeezed as he thrust into me, and I thrust back against him.  I listened for my power, I searched for it where we joined.  I wasn’t sure if it was power or building orgasm that I felt, but there was something there.

I pulled at the chains on my arms, trying to get more of him in me, even though there wasn’t any more to have.  He pressed against me then pulled back and thrust again. And again. And again.  Something was building, something deep red and orange a
nd yellow and all the colors of the rainbow.  Again and again and he picked up the pace. 
Faster and faster he fucked me and I lay there and let him, meeting his thrusts. The thought I was fucking a dragon flitted across my mind.  The thought of his skin against me, the thought of his hands  holding him.  Hands which seemed more like claws at that moment, one scraping against the stone of the altar, the other with a vice grip around my breast.

His tongue snaked out of him, and touched my nipples.  We were atop the Aerie, light all around us.  Magic filled the air.  Light filled our bodies.  He fucked me harder.  I wondered how many could see, and met his thrusts.

It would be soon now. Very soon.

He pressed harder and harder into me, then he pulled out completely and thrust all the way in, and there he stayed, roaring out in pleasure.  His hand, now a claw on my breast, squeezed in passion. I felt his come fill my pussy, and the world flashed in light.  The torches roared and went out, but still there was light, light of every color even black and white.  

I was coming, and I cried out with a voice I am sure all of Winterhaven could hear.

Ohlim leaped back from me, transforming in an instant from human back to dragon.  I could see its chakras change, the orange, sacral chakra fading into others.  Chakras of colors I couldn’t name bursting into existence. “It is done,” it said, and leaped into the sky, gone as fast as it had arrived.  It flashed in front of the moon again, and I could see how Ohlim’s chakra gleamed in the night.

“I’ve been missing this for so long,” I said.

Jayne came to me, the iron key back in her hand and unlocking me from the altar.  “You’ve got a bit of the indigo, too,” she said. “You’ll be able to see even more now.  I suspected as much — you’ve always had good night vision.”  

She removed the cuffs from my arms, and I sat up, and rubbed my breasts.  My left breast was marked, not with a scar or a tear, but almost a tattoo in the shape of a grasping claw, holding my breast. “Beholden,” I whispered, and my sister looked up at me and nodded. 

“There are worse creatures to be beholden to,” she said, unlocking my ankles.  

I stood up, and adjusted my clothing to be covered again.  My thighs were wet with my own juices and dragon cum, but that didn’t bother me. I touched it with my hands, and felt a thrill pass through me.  I’d fucked a dragon, and I had my power now.

The torches were completely burned away, and all we had was moonlight.  I could hear people moving below us, and see torchlight on the ground.  I walked to the edge and saw a group of guards approaching the gate.  “We have company,” I said.

“Well what we did was neither circumspect nor legal. What did you expect?”

“Illegal?” I asked. Not that the law is so important, but it’s good to know what laws you broke. 

“Ancient magic,” she said. “Generally frowned upon by the Empire. It’s just for nobles, and the rich, you know.”

“We can’t go back the way we came,” I said. “Unless the priests will hide us in the tower.”

“No,” she said. “I sent the apprentices away, they should be long gone now.”

“So we go down the outside?” I said.  I turned to her and grinned. I saw her orange chakra glowing over her womb with a strength that outshone her others.  That was why she was an Erosceror, of course, only now I could see it.

“Yep,” she said. Jayne is much smaller than me, which is good.  We’d done this before but not for years.  I climbed over the side, where the moon’s light would be shadowed. I held there, while she climbed on my back and held on.  

I don’t know if I was just filled with good energy from the sex, or if the carvings on the wall made it easier, but climbing down the tower was easy and fun.  We worked back and forth, hugging the shadowed areas.  With my new vision, it was much easier to see the guards below, and to avoid them.  Trees and rocks still blocked my new vision, but I was hardly complaining. 

The other advantage we had tonight was that the moon was shining on the gates of the tower, so the towers shadow was away from the guards.  We could hear them climbing the stairs, but the outer wall really was faster.  That and we were going down.  Jayne held on and muttered “You don’t want to see us, you don’t want to see us.”  I saw her magic red and luminous envelop us, and for once I really understood what she was doing: she was shaping the desires of those who might see us to not want to see us, so they wouldn’t. 

Not an illusion really, but one more in line with her power.  I was impressed, and remembered all the times she used to do something similar while we lived on the streets.  My sister was more powerful than I had ever known before.  For that matter, so was I.

I dropped us the last few feet to the ground, and we worked our way to the wall around Temple Hill.  That was the trickiest spot, because at the top we couldn’t avoid the city lights.  I boosted Jayne over, and heard her drop to the ground.  After a quick check that no one had seen us, I went next, lifting myself to the top, looking out over the city. 

The new vision blinded me for a moment, the way magic blended in with the whole city.  The city lights, the houses, all the people. I stopped at the top stunned by it all, and heard a guard cry out. “They’re over there.”

“Shit,” I muttered, and leaped over the wall.  Jayne had already started running for a nearby alley, and I followed her.  A quick look back, and there were a handful of guards following us.  “Run!” I urged her.  “Meet you back at the tavern.”   She nodded and took off.  

I turned and waved to the guards, making sure to shimmy in my chainmail bikini, and took a different route. Four of the guards followed me, and only one went down the path Jayne went.  She could handle one easily enough, even though she wasn’t a fighter.

I ran through a few more turnings, losing two of the guards along the way.  The other two were faster, though, and I wouldn’t outrun them.  I dodged into a darkened alley that turned into a dead end.  I could climb out, but not in time to stop the pursuit.  It was time to turn around and face them.

I pulled my daggers, glad I’d brought them along, and watched as their eyes went to my hips.  I grinned at them.  The alley was pretty narrow, and the guards were using the sword-and-shield combo that Antonio favored.  If I could close with one, the other wouldn’t be able to help without endangering his friend. 

I looked my chosen target in the eyes and licked my lips, and I could see sweat on his brow. He lunged at me, and I twirled out of the way, inside his reach. Reversing one of the daggers, I spun behind him, and struck him on the head, knocking him out.

The other guard didn’t wait for me, and was swinging as soon as her friend went down.  I parried with the dagge
r, and she knocked me back.  She was much stronger than the first guard.  She grinned as I leaped back.  “Your tricks won’t work on me Medrhi.  I don’t like girls.”

My power was easy to reach, both for movement and seduction.  I let it fill me, and closed with the remaining guard.  “I don’t know,” I said, my voice smooth and rich.  “I might change your mind.”  She swung again, and I parried.  I pushed against her sword, bringing our crossed blades above my cleavage. I shimmied again, putting a bit of power into it.  Her gaze flickered, and I broke the parry, pulling in close to her.

I rubbed my chest against her, spinning around as she tried to step back to get her shield between us.  I danced back and forth letting the lioncloth flap in the breeze, and putting all my power into the movement.  I willed her to want to look, to see what she could see.  Her aura flashed indigo, as her gaze wandered over my body.  I knocked the sword out of her hand, and kicked her in the chin.

I’m not all bad, she got to see my all before she passed out.  Not that it’ll make her like women any more.

Getting back to the tavern was easy at that point.  As would be showing Travia my power. I needed training, as I couldn’t seem to turn off my sight. But like I had assured Jayne, that training would be available to me.  I was already good at what I do, and now I’d be great. Maybe even great enough to get to fuck another dragon.

Kadja: Gaining Power 3/4

(MF mast bondage dragon magic)

The next three days were a special kind of hell.  I lay there for a while, but just like I don’t avoid sex well, I’m not good at being still.  That third chakra was almost as strong in me, and I needed to be out moving and doing things, Jayne was right about that.  I spent the night prowling, something I don’t let Travia know I like to do.  It’s how Jayne and I got enough money for her to go into training.  I’m good at climbing and sneaking and, well, acquiring.  A girl likes her loot.
I didn’t steal anything those three nights, because that’s another thing that makes me horny.  No, I just climbed up the roofs of Winterhaven, and made my way around the city I knew so well.  I went back and forth across the city a few times, and even made it as far as the castle walls.  But I’m saving that approach for later, because I may only have one real chance at it.  No sense getting caught and spending my nights in jail, when I needed to be on Temple hill soon.
The goal was to tire me out enough I could sleep through the day, and it generally worked.  On the third night, I put on my best chainmail — the same set I wore for Travia earlier in the week — and headed for the gate to Temple hill.  I left most of my things at home, just a pair of daggers because I’m naked without them.  I didn’t think it’d matter much for the ritual, and it’d be worse to be without.
When I dropped down in to the square outside the gate, my sister was already there. She was easy to spot, as she had a couple apprentices with her as torch-bearers.  I didn’t recognize them, but that wasn’t surprising.  Her Master was a bit secretive in general; Travia was much the same with outsiders. 
There were two of them, a woman and a man, both cute.  I wondered if both or either of them would be involved in the ritual.  While I prefer men, I don’t abhor women.  And my nerves were such that I didn’t much care who fucked me, so long as I got fucked. 

“Hiya, Jayne,” I said, walking up to them.

“Kadja,” she said nodding.  “Ready?”

“Yep. Where are we going?”

“The Aerie,” she said, and turned to walk through the gate.  I followed in behind her, and the apprentices positioned themselves in front and back, lighting our path.

I looked up at the Aerie, the second highest point in the city — the highest being the spire atop the castle.  The Aerie, though, is a tower, thirty feet in diameter at the top, and built by some ancient and long-dead civilization. It was here when King Tolbin founded Winterhaven five hundred years ago.  It was a few generations after him that the spire got built.  People with ego problems don’t typically found lasting empires.

The Aerie, though, was wide at it’s base, and had a spiraling staircase built around the center.  
Carvings spiraled up the outside, making a particularly easy climb. I figured it would be faster and easier to climb up the outside, but I didn’t think we’d be managing that today. I added it to my list of things to do, though.  All in all, it was a pretty cool place to get laid.

Jayne stepped forward at the gate, and spoke to the priests who were guarding the entrance.  She spoke in low tones to them, and handed them a small bag of coins.  I arched my brow — who was paying for this? I hoped it wasn’t me.

“Let’s go,” she said.  “To the top.”  We went through the gate.  The Aerie has a spiral staircase that hugs the outside wall.  Newer construction on the inside abutted the staircase, making it a long hallway that ran up the side of the entire building.  Every twenty feet or so, there was a door into the inner tower. They were all closed, and I know for sure the first two were locked.  I’d know about the others, too, but Jayne gave me a look when she heard the second rattle.

I’ll have to work on that.

After fourteen doors, the stairs ended with a wooden hatch in the ceiling.  The male apprentice, who was leading handed his torch to Jayne, and swung it open.  I could see the moon shining above us as we climbed out onto the roof of the tower.  It was a perfect circle, about thirty feet in diameter.  Seven stone torch stands were spaced evenly about the circle.  The border of the tower ended in little one-foot talk triangular spikes that made it look like a crown from the ground.  From the outside they look like they’d deter a thief, but I knew better now.

In the center of the circle was a waist-high altar about the size of a small bed.  Next to that was a chest that looked new enough to be out of place.  Seeing that Jayne said, “Good,” and walked over to it.  “This is a good sign.”

“There was doubt?” I asked, nervous.

“Nothing is certain until it happens,” Jayne said.  She took an iron key out from within her robes, and fitted it to the lock on the chest.

“So that’s not normally here, then?” I knew the answer, but the mysteriousness was getting to me.

“No, it was left by your suitor.”  She pulled out several torches, and handed them to the apprentices.  They started putting them in the stone sconces on the edge of the circle.

“My suitor?” I laughed.

“Well,” she grinned up at me, “The one you’re going to fuck, anyway.”

I watched as the apprentices lit the torches, casting an orange glow on everything.  I could already see by the moonlight, but the torches showed that the carvings that extended to the roof of the tower.  The story of creation that began at the base culminated here, with the meeting of man and dragon, and what happened then.  The whole thing was intertwined around a cut out seven pointed star.  The torches stood at its points.  

I was overwhelmed with the feeling of age of the place.  The Aerie was an old, old place of magic.  This was real, and it was going to work. I was sure of it.  The sound of chains clinking together distracted me from my thoughts, and I turned to see Jayne holding up four iron cuffs.  “Irons?” I asked.

“For our sacrifice,” she said. “I guess you aren’t supposed to move around.”  She gestured to the altar.  “Sit there.”

I sat down on the end of the stone altar. It was surprisingly warm in the night air.  Jayne knelt in front of me, and chained one leg to the altar. “Should I take these off?” I asked, gesturing to my chainmail outfit.

Jayne looked up at me from between my legs, her gaze stopping for a moment on my crotch and breasts. It wasn’t sexual, just assessing.  She looked at me with a wry grin.  “No, that’s not necessary, or desired.”  I laughed, there was that.  A Medrhi warrior in garb is usually pretty ready to move from fighting to fucking.  Nothing was really in the way of anything.

She locked down my other leg, and told me to lie down.  I did, and she moved to my right, took my wrist, and clamped one of the irons around it.  She bent down, and attached it to the altar’s hooks.  She walked around to the other side, and attached my left wrist to the altar.  I had to wonder why something like the tower had tie-down rings on its altar.  I tried not to dwell on that.

Instead, I pulled on the chains to test them — I had no intention of going anywhere, but I needed to know.  I had a little movement — enough to help, but not stop the sex.  The chains themselves were plenty strong, if a little unc
omfortable. No one promised me comfort, after all.  They promised me power.

Now that I couldn’t move, I could feel myself getting hot.  I took a deep breath, and looked up at the moon.

The apprentices finished lighting the torches, and I realized just how bright it was up there. Seven torches is quite a lot of light.  I realized that while no one could see me or Jayne, everyone in town knew something was going on up here. I turned my head to the hatch we came up, and saw Jayne usher the apprentices out. 

She closed the hatch behind her, and locked it.  I raised my eyebrow and wonder just what was going to happen.  I pulled against my chains a bit more, just for reassurance.  I think it worked, a little.  It made my nipples crinkle up a bit though.  I was more than ready to have sex, at least.  I held on to that thought — it was something I understood.

Jayne began walking clockwise around the circle, muttering to herself.  As she passed the torches, they changed color in the order of the chakras.  Red, orange, yellow, and all the way to violet.  I think they were even brighter than they were before.  The people of Winterhaven were getting a show tonight.

I looked up at the moon, and tried to wait for whatever would happen.  I reached for my power, just to see if it was happening yet, and felt nothing beyond my own arousal and expectation.  My sister was standing above my head, facing me, calling out in a language I didn’t quite understand.

That’s when I saw it. Unfurled wings high above stretched from one side of the moon to the other. A roar that would wake all of Winterhaven, and a gust of flame to punctuate the point.


Kadja: Gaining Power 2/4

(MF mast bondage dragon magic)

My sister, Jayne, is a natural Erosceror.  She’s gotten training, and told me enough about it to understand how power flows through the chakras of the human body  Chakras are little centers of anima within the body of all living creatures.  Humans have seven primary ones, and several smaller ones.  The primary ones run from the base of the spine all the way to the top of the head.  

Like her, my strongest chakra is the second one, centered on the womb in women and with the power of sex, feelings, and desire. Unlike her, I don’t have access to my personal magic.  Most people can’t do much with their power: usually that is because they don’t have much.  

Some people have a lot of power but don’t seem to use it.  They are still successful, sure, but they’d be exponentially more successful if their chakras were open.  I’m in the latter category. I’m good at what I do, but if Jayne is right, then I have a lot more going for me than skill and practice can get me.  All I need to do is to learn to open my chakras to the anima around me.

But I’ve never been able to.  As far back as I can remember, Jayne has been able to do such wonders, while I had to struggle on my own.  It worked okay, it kept us alive on the streets of Winterhaven.  She did certain things well, keeping us warm and taken care of, and out of trouble. Sorcery of any kind, particularly second-chakra sorcery can only get you so far in the material world.  That’s where I came in.  Jayne says my third chakra, which governs motion, is almost as bright as my second.  I’ve never been still, and I’ve always been spry. I didn’t always do the right or legal thing, but I kept us alive.

Jayne finally found a Master to teach her how to use her power, and I found Mistress Travia to teach me my own. We didn’t have to live on the streets anymore, but we still struggled to get by.  And that would just be harder without Travia’s support.  Jayne would be fine, but I’d be totally on my own.

To avoid being on my own, normally I’d turn to my lover Malkem. He was my main male companion and primary lover; he was also out of town.  He’d finished up his training a few months before, and had taken a job as a caravan guard.  He was Medrhi as well, but of a different school.  We’d argue about whose was a better school, which often led to combat-inspired sex.  He wouldn’t be home for a few months, so I had found other amusements.  I’m sure he did the same; no Medrhi schools revere abstinence.

So I was a bit indisposed when I finally saw Jayne again, two days after my meeting with Travia, and still sooner than I’d expected.  I’dd spent the last two days getting drunk, getting laid, and sleeping in.  I was working hard on a third day when she showed up.  The bar got quiet when she walked in — not because she didn’t belong, but because of the air about her.  

She walked over to my table and gave the men on either side of me a look which caused them to get scarce.  No one in their right mind wants to deal with an irate Erosceror.  But sometimes they’re your sister.  Most of the regulars knew her, of course, so it wasn’t hard to tell something was up.  I quickly drank half my ale, and pushed a drink across to her. 

“Hiya, sis,” I slurred.  “Have a drink.”

“Antonio said you might be drowning you sorrows.”

“He told you that, eh?  Well tell the bastard that they swim pretty good.”

“You’re lucky we were interrupted,” Jayne ignored me. “The ritual we were working on takes two weeks. You only have one.”

“Five days, now,” I said. “And it’ll be my anniversary.”

She sighed at me, and took my hands.  “C’mon.  Let’s go home.”

Home was on the second story of the tavern, a one-room apartment we shared.  It wasn’t much, but it was ours.  And it was above my favorite bar, after all.  “Don’t wanna go,” I countered.

“Sure you do.  It’s nice and warm and s oft in our bed upstairs.  You can sleep and dream pleasant dreams.”  She squeezed my hands, and looked me in the eyes while she talked to me.  She smiled held me for a moment when she finished.

“Uh, sure,” I said.  My head wasn’t very clear, and it seemed like she was right.  Time to sleep.  

We walked upstairs, leaning on each other as we climbed.  She let me to our bed, pulled down the covers, and tucked me in. I wasn’t wearing much,anyway — I rarely do. She started getting ready for bed herself.  “Tomorrow you can tell me all about it.”

“Yeah.  Mistress said to talk to you.” I mumbled a bit, the bed sapping my strength and luring me off to sleep.

“She did? Travia wanted you to talk to me?”  She stopped and touched me on the shoulder, getting my attention.

“Yeah, ‘Tell your sister I sent you to her’ she said.”  I yawned, and snuggled under our fur blankets. 

“Really,” Jayne said.  She kissed my forehead.  “Sleep dear sister, sleep.  I’ll be back in the morning.” 

And with that, she was gone.  Or I was just asleep.  I don’t really remember.

What I do remember is waking up the next morning, my sister hovering over me in her robes from the night before wielding two hot mugs of kava, and my head pounding from the night before.  For the first time in days, I didn’t just want more ale to fight the ache.  I took the mugs of kava from her, as she slipped into bed next to me, like we used to do as children to confide and comfort.

I handed her back her mug, and sipped my own. She wrapped her hands around the mug, and said. “So.  Tell me about it.”  I told her about my fight with Antonio, and my discussion with Mistress Travia.  She knew most of it, about how I couldn’t sense my chakras the way she has always been able to do.

She looked at me. “There is nothing in you stopping this from happening.  You can do this for yourself.  There’s no need for special measures.”

“And what have you ever suggested that I haven’t tried, Jayne?  I’ve meditated, and focused.  Don’t tell me that Travia’s training doesn’t require discipline and control.  I’ve listened to you tell me about your training, and your sense of magic, and I’ve tried.  But it’s not there, it won’t respond to me, and it won’t do what I want.”

“It’s your power, Kadja.  Yours to be claimed.  You can do this.”

“Almost twenty years, Jayne.  That’s how long I’ve tried to do this.  Seeing you, my big sister with her easy magic, and just trying to be like you.  Nineteen years, I’ve tried. All of my life I’ve tried.  If I couldn’t honestly do it before now, how am I going to do it in five days?”

“Four now,” Jayne said, looking away from me.

“Right. Thanks for setting me straight, sis.”  I leaned back against the headboard, holding my kava, and not looking at my sister.   She did the same, and we lay there, the old argument and jealousies between us.

“There’s another way,” she whispered.  “It has risks.  It can leave you beholden.”

“But I would have my power?” I asked, still staring into my kava.

“Access to it, yes.  You’ll still need training, for instance.  You’d still need to claim your power, but you’d be able to touch it.”

“The training I will get from Mistress Travia.  She’s promised me that much. And it is my power, right? If it’s mine, it’s mine.”  I reached out to her, and turned her to face me.  “Tell me how it is done.”

“It’s a ritual.  I can help perform it, but I need another’s help.  Three nights from now, I want you to meet me at the gate to Temple Hill.  We’ll do the ritual there.”

“What kind of ritual?”

“You know what kind of ritual,” she said. “I’m an Erosceror, you’re Medrhi. You know where our magic comes from.”

I nodded. “Okay, I can do that.”

“There’s one more thing,” she said. “No sex. No masturbation.  Don’t come anytime in the next three days.”

“You’re kidding me.”

“No, I’m serious.  It’s important for the ritual. It builds power in the sacral chakra, which we’ll release during the ritual.”

I sighed, and nodded. “Okay, I can see that.  Three nights is the full moon.”

“Right,” Jayne said. “That’s convenient, but not required.  I need to organize things, and you need to fast from sex.  Those are the key things.”

I nodded.  “I’ll be there,” and drank my kava. 

“You can do this,” she said rising from bed. I pouted at her. “You should get out, use the excess energy.  Maybe do some prowling.”  

I smiled at that. She opened the door to go out. “You’re not going to sleep?” I asked.

“Too much to do,” she smiled.  “Take care. See you three nights from now.”

She put on her slippers, and set her kava on the table, and slipped out the door.  She was going to be busy, great.  I just got all the stuff I liked to do taken away.  I couldn’t fuck, which meant I couldn’t drink, and I better not fight either.  I drank down my kava, and lay back in bed wondering what I’d do.

Kadja: Gaining Power 1/4

(MF mast bondage dragon magic)

I grinned at Antonio, and pulled out my knives.  Antonio was topless, wearing just a brief loincloth that flapped in the breeze. Not that I was wearing much either: a leather halter that ended just under my breasts, and a pair of leather shorts that just covered my ass. Mistress Travia, our trainer, thinks I should wear a loincloth like Antonio, but with tits like mine, I don’t need to show more.  

Plus, I like all that leather gripping my ass and nether parts.  Helps make me horny, and that’s the key to fighting.  

The daggers help too, of course — they are my choice for getting in close and personal.  Antonio drew his sword and readied his shield.  His fighting style is more visual, so he tends to want to stand back.  Me, I’m all about the touching and rubbing.  But then we are Medrhi, and that’s the way we do things.

Travia shouted out “Go!” and we closed with each other.  While I ran to get inside his reach, Antonio did that thing he does, where he stands there completely open, his skin glistening with oil or sweat, and something surges underneath his loincloth.  He’s predictable in doing that, and I was ready for it, but I still felt a flush begin to form, and a twitching between my legs.  

I know it’s part of being a Medrhi warrior, and while I’m very good at the fighting, I just don’t seem to possess the ability to arouse my enemies.  I mean, I know Antonio, we’ve been friends for years, and he’s gayer than hell, and totally off my “to do” list. But here I was panting at the stuff beneath his shorts.  And even if training had left me with no doubts about what was there — I still wondered.  At least this time, I kept from licking my lips.

“Don’t be afraid of your lust, Kadja.  Use it, it is your power as a human being, as an attractive woman.  Tap into it, and strike at his loins with your power.”

I wanted to argue, but I’d made all the arguments I could.  Yes, Antonio was gay, and not the least bit interested in my body.  But the power shouldn’t matter. He was a sexual being, and the Medrhi can tap into that in any creature. Or so Travia had told me, over and over.  I tried to reach into myself, as they taught, to tap into my power as Antonio had done and got what I always got: nothing.  

I could do this, I told myself. I was a better fighter than him, a better sneak, more agile, everything except the inability to tap into my power. It was time to use my full knowledge. I could coax the power out, or defeat him in some other way.

I looked into his eyes with lust in my heart, and a promise of something. I needed to get under his reach, rub up against him with my thighs and ass, my breasts and lips.  Anything to distract him for that take-down blow.

His sword swept around to me, and I parried with one dagger, his shield blocking my thrust with the other.  I pressed my breasts against his chest, shimmying just a bit, to draw his eyes and give me the opening I needed.  He pushed me back, and I jumped with it, flashing my thighs at him in a sweet back flip.  He swung his sword again, and we began to parry back and forth.  He was trying a new pattern today, and I let myself fall into it for a moment, to figure it out.

That was it, I noticed.  A moment when he slightly extends himself, with his shield blocking my two daggers.  One more round of this, I thought, while I turned on the charm.  I shimmied and lured.  If he’d been a straight man, he’d be at my feet.  Instead I got more of his pattern.  The sword extension came around, and I grinned at him. He grinned back, his body gleaming in the sun.  I took a deep breath as I ducked under his overextended sword, and pulled up inside his reach.  

I swung my dagger for his throat, and noticed — just for a moment — a twitch of him beneath his loincloth.  I smiled, thinking I had an effect on him. It was enough to distract me from his shield as it swung for my head. I woke up, woozy on the ground, Antonio standing above me, offering me hand up.

“Very good, again, Antonio,” Mistress Travia said. “Kadja, my office after you clean up. We need to talk.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I swore under my breath.  I looked up at Antonio. “So this is it.”

“The power is in you,” he said.  “I can feel it.”

“Yeah, the problem is that it’s trapped in there.”

He shrugged. It was an old exchange.  I glanced at him as he walked away, and my desire to do him faded back to nothing.  

If only I could make him want me that much. 

That was the core of my problem, really, and one I pondered while I showered.  Fighting always got me hot and bothered, and fighting Antonio doubly so.  We were friends, after all we had similar interests: men, the Medrhi fighting style, men, skimpy clothes, and men. I was attracted to him a little, and in lust with him because of the way we fought, and he was completely unattainable.  At least my fingers weren’t unobtainable.

Yes, I’m a woman and I like to masturbate. Is that so surprising to you? My lover says my second chakra shines bright like the sun when I do. It proves I’m enthusiastic about sex, at the very least.  Right now I was horny from the battle, and needed to relax before talking to Travia. Plus a good come would wipe away the feeling of defeat from yet another loss.  And put off what I knew was the inevitable result of our talk.

The grotto behind our training area has a hot spring that spills down like a waterfall. I like to lie under it, the warm water cascading over my breasts, and down between my thighs.  I lay there,  my right hand between my legs, opening my sex to the warm water. My left hand on my breasts, playing with my nipples, squeezing them until they hurt.  

There’s a certain amount of pain involved in being a warrior, and I liked that too.  It fed my power, which would be great if I could touch it.  I opened myself to it as I lay there, two fingers sliding on either side of my clit rubbing back and forth, faster and faster.

The water drowned out all other noise, and all other places.  For a moment I forgot about my problems, trying to be fully me, and to touch my magic.  I didn’t feel it stirring, but I was used to that. Other stirrings I did notice.  Antonio sloshed into the water, taking care of his own needs.  I closed my eyes, and arched back in the water, feeling it cascade over my face and pound against my neck and breasts.  

I glanced at Antonio, who was openly masturbating as well.  His hard cock poking out. I wanted it, but would never have it.  I watched, though, and felt my own orgasm building. I willed it to be a good one, as it might be my last here.  The hot water flowed over me, and I pinched my clit just a bit, and pulled on my nipples hard with my other hand.  My orgasm crashed upwards through my body and I cried out in pleasure, shaking beneath the waterfall.

I came down from my orgasm, and Antonio must have come as well. His hand was on my arm, and I let him enfold me in his arms, and I cried against him.  “I don’t even like girls, Kadja,” he said. “But anyone who can come like that… would make a great Medrhi.  You can do this.”

I wanted to kiss him then, but disengaged before going to far.  “Thanks,” I said. “But if it hasn’t happened yet, when exactly is it supposed to?”

He didn’t say anything, but didn’t need to. It’s not like it was the first time we’d had
the conversation.  Usually it took a few beers before I got this sappy. As I cleaned up and prepared to present myself to Mistress Travia,  I wondered if it was okay to be good enough, when I had the capacity to be great.  A sinking part of me thought I’d already failed the chance at greatness.

Travia insisted on proper Medrhi dress, so I put on my best chainmail bikini. The bottoms hung like a loincloth,and the mail bit into my breasts, but it was what she wanted. I centered myself, and took a deep breath before heading to Mistress Travia’s receiving room.

The room was half business office and half sybaritic bedroom. She made it work.  It was mostly decorated in shades of red from blood to ruby, lit by orange lamplight as a reminder of the source of our power.  Citrus incense burned, giving the room a clean feel, but I knew she had heavier, more aromatic herbs to lend a different feel.  

Her desk was covered with a fine cloth, and decorated with exotically shaped perfume bottles. Behind it sat a plush leather chair that sat at an angle, making it easier for her to slide into a velvet divan.  The divan, where she lounged now, was surrounded by pillows suitable for kneeling or lying upon, or other sensual activity.  Beside the divan, in easy arms reach were her arms and armor, and a reading crystal that surely contained our contracts and other pertinent information.

I knelt on one of the pillows near the head of the divan.  I was practiced at that, and my rings of my bikini tingled as they shifted, hinting at seductive parts of my body.  Travia nodded at my use of her craft, and I just hoped it would be enough.

She touched my right temple, and cocked her head as she looked at me with more than her eyes.  “It arouses you then, to fight. Even in loss.”

“Yes,” I said.  “Antonio’s power helps with that.”

“True,” Travia said.  “But you were aroused before that.”

“It helps to feel it,” I said. “To make them believe in the seduction.”

“You are right in that,” Travia sighed.  “You have learned my lessons well, Kadja.

“No one here moves as deftly as you when you fight.  Few are as capable as you are with blades. You are beautiful in your own right, and very capable of seduction.”  She smiled a knowing smile at the last, and I closed my eyes, and bent my head to her.

“Thank you, Mistress.”  I closed my eyes, and pressed my fingernails into my palms, knowing what would come next.

“But–,” she paused.  “But, I cannot teach you anymore if you do not touch your power.  You can do this thing, Kadja.  It is natural and right. I do not know why you block yourself.”

“I– I’m not blocking myself!  I want to open my power, I tried to open my power during the fight, and after in the grotto.  I try so many times a day, and nothing. Nothing ever. Jayne can’t explain it either, she never had this problem.”

“Few with your sister’s level of power do,” Travia said.  “Or of yours.”

“So what, then?”  I could feel tears running hotly down my cheek. “You are done with me then?”

“No, not yet.”  She hesitated.  “But there is no more I can teach you until you do.  In a week’s time will be your seventh year here, training with me.  At your majority, three years ago, you were almost as good with a blade as you are today.  Three years is normally enough time to integrate a trainee’s sexuality with their skills and get their skills even close to the level of yours.

“You’ve spent those three years stagnating.  I would love to teach you to fully be a Medrhi warrior, but it behooves me to let you out on the world and make your way as you are.  You will be good at it, and learn much more outside of these walls.”

“But–. But–”  

Her hand slid off my forehead, and wiped at my tears.  She pressed a finger to my lips. “Shh, child.  You have seven days.  Develop the ability use your power, even a trickle of it, and I will train you as best I can, and keep you as my apprentice until you master it.  But if you do not…  Kadja, if you do not, then there is nothing more for me to teach you.”

That had the air of finality that told me she’d made up her mind. “Yes, Mistress.”

I rose then, and began to back out of her office.  “Kadja.  Tell Jayne of this, and that I sent you to her. There may be a way that her Master knows.”

“Yes, Mistress. I will,” I whispered.

I walked back to the grotto to grab my street things.  I could have gone in my bikini, but right at that moment, it felt like a lie.  I had seven days.  I’d had seven years.  How were seven days going to help?