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Faye's Return

When Richard got home, he discovered that Faye had returned.

It’s not like he could have missed it.

She knew he always entered through the front door. He parked the car in the driveway despite the 2-car garage, because he’d turned it into a heated and finished room, even if the ceiling were higher than absolutely necessary for normal use. She also knew that anyone who came in through the front door could see directly back into the dining room for the foyer.

So that’s where she was when he came home.

The table was cleared off, and she’d bent over it. Her hands might have been tied, if she’d managed that somehow, but he couldn’t tell from the foyer. She was wearing black six-inch heels, thigh-highs with a line up the back attached to black garters. She also wore a short skirt that rode up her ass and gave him a direct view of her perfectly framed pussy. The lips of her pussy jutted out like a pout and light glinted off the moisture there. She was either aroused or prepared with lube, probably both.

Richard set his briefcase down next to the table in the foyer. He emptied his pockets of loose change, keys, wallet, all into a small bowl that he left there. He shrugged out of his jacket and hung it in the coat closet, and took of this shoes and lined them up with his other inside the closet.

A week ago he’d have been happy to see her like this, he’d have dropped his things carelessly by the door and walked down the short hallway, pulling out his cock and sinking it deep within her. But she hadn’t been there; she hadn’t been there for a month since the big fight. He could still hear the door slam as she left, unwilling to answer his question or even explain why she wouldn’t answer.

He’d called her of course, texted her, sent her an email. He’d even gone by her apartment and knocked on the door, only to be asked — politely — to leave by her roommate, Lorraine. That had been two weeks ago. He’d written her one more email, explaining what he wanted, and why, and asking her again. That email had gone unanswered, as well.

And last week he’d given up. She was gone, and it was time for him to move on.

But now, here she was. Half-naked on his dining room table, bent over and ready for him.

He considered as he pulled off his tie, and decided she’d just have to wait.

He walked back to his room and methodically changed into some more comfortable clothes. Normally he’d just throw on a robe, but not tonight. She’d know what that meant, too. He grinned to himself, and shook his head.

He walked back down the hall, and saw that she was in the same position as before. He cut through his den, and into the kitchen, and poured himself a beer. He walked into the dining room. Her hands were flat on the table, unbound, and unmoving. Her black hair cascaded over her head, obscuring her face where it was mostly pressed into the table. She wore a white blouse of some kind.

He sat down at the table. She let out a breath, but didn’t say anything. He took a sip of his beer, and brushed her hair away from her face. She was crying. He pursed his lips. “Tell me, Faye, does your phone work? Your email? Your computers?”

She nodded. “I guess I knew that, or you wouldn’t be here, like this.” He took another sip of his beer. “You’re about a week late,” he said.

A sob left her lips and her whole body shook. “I didn’t say too late,” he said. “Just late.” The last was almost a whisper. He slammed his hand down on the table, and she jerked. “Dammit, Faye, I gave up. I assumed I had your answer. You didn’t talk to me, Lorraine sent me away, your work wouldn’t forward calls.

“I left you alone, because — what else could I do? I reached out, and nothing, just a blank wall. Do you care to explain that?”

She shook her head. He closed his eyes. She was serious. He took another sip of his beer. He looked her in the eye, and she looked right back at him. Her eyes said it all. “Use me, take me, make me yours just like you wanted.” And she was here, following the rules he’d laid down that night. The ones he’d yelled at her in the fight, telling her his secret fantasy. By then he’d already asked the question, and she’d balked.

But now she was here, and she was staring at him with those submissive eyes, and he was getting hard and he had to admit that he’d given up on her, but here she was, quiet and ready for him.

“Go home, Faye,” he said. “We’ll have lunch tomorrow and talk about it. Figure out some way to make this work that’s fair to both of us.

She shook her head, and her gaze became defiant, challenging him. Challenging him to make her, or to take her. The fire that was in the core of her was still there. He felt himself relaxing a bit.

“Okay,” he said. “You’ve made your mind. I wish I knew what had changed your mind, and I don’t think I can get you to tell me now.”

She just shook her head, and he sighed regretting his words from when she left. “Don’t say a word to me,” he’d said, “until you’re ready to say yes or no.” And then he’d brought out the ring and she’d fled.

He stood up and walked around the table, running his hands over her as he went. His hands gripped her ass, and he slid a hand down her crack, idling over her asshole for a moment, then gliding around her pussy and down her thighs. He played with the tops of her nylons, then let go, and walked around the table again.

He left the room, and watched her for a minute before he made his decision. Checking his watch, he sighed. There wasn’t much time.

He entered the dining from for the foyer, and brought his hand down on her right ass check. The sound was perfect, thankfully, and filled the room with the sound of the smack. His handprint stood out red on her white skin. She hissed, drawing in her breath, and then he smacked her other ass, for a second perfect stroke.

Her fingers scabbled against the table, as she struggled to be still, to not say anything, to not be too excited. He walked back around in front of her and sat down again. He set the ring box on the table. “Lorraine was right,” he said. “Wives — spouses — are equals. They’re both part of a partnership, and while they take on different roles, they are equal partners. She said that was your problem with it, is that right?”

She nodded.

“I can think of no greater gift than to have a partner — my equal — as my submissive. I don’t understand people who want the submission of those lesser than them. That’s easy to get, it’s almost a given. But for an equal, which you have always been Faye, that’s something much better.”

He opened the ring box, and the diamond engagement ring shone in the light. Her eyes grew large, and again demanding. She licked her lips and wiggled her ass expectantly. It was more than he could take. He checked his watch again, and stood.

“I’m going to fuck you now,” he said. He stood, leaving the ring right where it was. He unzipped his pants, and walked around the table. Behind her, his cock out, he grabbed her ass and slid into her. She let out a gasp, but not a word.

She was warm and tight and wet. Some of it was lube, but not all of it. He’d been right about that. “You should have come here last week,” he said.

He slid in and out of her, pressing her against the table. “I’d have fucked you on the table, and then I’d have asked you the question, and you could have answered me and things could have gone on to normal. Or the new normal anyway.” She whimpered a bit at this. He grabbed her ass, and slide in and out of her. She was breathing fast as he fucked her.

“I love you so much, Faye,” he said. He fucked her faster, and spanked her ass a few more times as he fucked her. She started to come beneath him, and he knew he wouldn’t be long. It had been a month, longer than he’d gone in years.

“I am going to ask you the question tonight,” he said. “But you really should have come sooner.”
He slammed into her, pounding her hard, and he filled her up with his come. He pulled out of her and walked around the table. She moved enough to suck his cock, cleaning him off as he’d trained her.

He brushed her hair back away from her face. “I can’t wait to use you forever,” he said. “I can’t wait to ask you the question. But when you answer it, as I hope you will, I have plans for you that will take us all night.”

The doorbell rang and he checked his watch. “Right on time,” he said. “You should have come last week, Faye,” he said. “Tonight’s my night to host the poker game.”

He pulled out of her mouth and stuffed himself back into his pants. He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. “Well,” he said. “If you say yes, it won’t be the last time you help me host it.”

He walked into the foyer, looking back and seeing her still there, her pussy moist with his juices. The doorbell rang again, and he went to let in his poker buddies, wondering how much cards they’d actually get to tonight, since his table was taken.

Chapter 9: Eternal Flame

“What?” I said. I wasn’t sure I heard her right, but the truth was, there was a lot on my mind. Earlier that day I’d watched as my older lover Janet was beaten by her husband until she was bruised. Then he fucked her while I watched impotent from the closet. When I’d tried to get her out of there, she’d brushed me off and told me to get the fuck out. Right now, though, Cindy was naked and straddling my left leg. Her hands were on either sides of my chest, and her breasts hung down and swayed enticingly. It was all I could do to just focus on looking her in the eyes while she talked to me.

I couldn’t be expected to follow her when she dropped her revelation on me.

It certainly didn’t help that I’d realized how much I was in love with Janet. Which made me wonder: if you’re in love with someone, you don’t have sex with other people, right? That’s not how that works. A small but very hard portion of myself was telling me that Janet didn’t follow that rule But she was with someone who beat her, so maybe that was an exception.

“What do you mean you can tell me what’s going on?” I finally said to Cindy.

“I mean, Condom Boy, that I know who your adult lover is. You know the one that I’ve been trying to figure out for weeks? The one that I promised you my virginity if you’d just tell me or let me figure it out?” See what I mean about having a lot on my mind?

“Right, that,” I said. I swallowed. “How did you figure it out?”

“I’ll tell you that later,” she said. “Right now, I’m going to tell you her name, and if I’m right, I’d like you to take my virginity. A couple of times if you can manage it.”

“I’m pretty sure losing your virginity is a one-shot deal,” I said. If she guessed, she was offering me everything: her virginity and more sex. I wanted that a lot. Cindy was sort-of my girlfriend, or at least had started off the night as my girlfriend. I’d probably have to break up with her, if I was going to be with Janet. Maybe after the sex. There’s only so much confusion a fifteen year old guy can handle.

“You now what I mean. How many condoms do you have?”

“Three, I think.”

“That’s a good number then. And if you’re good I know a good store that sells them.”

I laughed, “Only if they have sexy clerks who let me have sex with them.”

“Jury’s still out on that one,” she said. “Let me guess and then fuck away my virginity and I can guarantee it.”

I took a deep breath and looked up at Cindy, down at her tits and back up into her brown eyes. My cock twitched, and I nodded. “Okay,” I said. “If you can explain why I shouldn’t be there with her, I’m willing to listen.”

“I can, but you’re going to fuck me first,” she said.

“You assume you actually know,” I said. My cock hoped she did. My heart? My heart didn’t know what it wanted.

“I do,” she said. She bit her lip, and leaned forward, so that her lips touched my ear, and her thigh touched my cock. “Janet Cooke” she whispered. I felt my whole body shiver when she said it.

“Janet,” I whispered back. The image of her in the bed, her ass red and bruised flashed through my eyes. The slurred tone of her voice as she told me to get out filled my ears.

“So I was right?” Cindy asked.

I nodded. “Got it in one,” I said.

She kissed me then. “Finally I get rid of my virginity!” She giggled and rolled off of me. “Get the condoms, Condom Boy.”

I sat up in bed, and reached down for my pants. I pulled the strip of condoms out of my pants. I turned to look at her. “Are you sure this is the way you want to do this?”

“Look, Brian,” she said. “You kept her satisfied, right?” I nodded. “And you kept it quiet?” I nodded again. “And as a plus, you’re fun and considerate, and you’ve made me come already. I’m sloshing down there waiting for you. I have been for a couple of weeks, okay?”

I tore a condom wrapper open, and pulled out the condom. I checked which side was which and rolled it on. I climbed on the bed, and she held her legs open for me. Her scent hit me again, and I Iicked my lips which still had her juices on them from earlier. “I– I hear this hurts,” I said.

“Duh,” she said. “No worries. I got rid of that useless thing ages ago. Dildos are awesome that way, but I hear not as good as real cock. So give it to me, CB.”

I slid between her legs, and held my cock at her entrance. I ran the tip up and down between her lips, lubricating the condom with her juices, she shivered beneath me. “Ready?” I asked.

“Do it,” she said. “Do it, Condom Boy, do it!’

I looked into her eyes and nodded. I slowly slid my cock inside her until I was all the way inside her. She let out a deep breath as I bottomed out inside her. “Oh, my,” she said. “And I thought your tongue was nice.”

“Just wait until I start moving.”

I smiled down at her. I felt a warm feeling in my heart as she smiled back up. It felt good to be joined to her and it wasn’t just lust. I liked her. I didn’t love her, but I liked her a lot. Something about her felt warm and safe and good.

“So start moving?” she asked.

“Oh, that,” I said. She started to quip back, but I slid out of her then and her quip became a hiss between her teeth and a moan when I slid back in. I took it slow, gauging her reaction to different thrusts, and different ways of moving.

I gave myself to the experience, feeling her reaction, feeling the way her pussy clenched against my cock, the way she was wet and warm and wonderful beneath me. I thrust in and out of her, still slowly, and a flush began spreading over her tits. I sped up a bit and she began moaning beneath me. Her moans started as deep earth tones and rose in pitch with each thrust, going up the scale until she let out a screech. I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock, and I just stopped, letting her orgasm wash over her.

“Oh, oh, oh, my God,” she said. She was breathing heavily under me, and I pushed my cock all the way into her again. “Jesus fucking Mary and Joseph,” she said I picked up my pace and fucked her harder and faster. Now that she’d come I let myself go a bit and began thrusting into her at a pace where I might come.

She came again, clamping down on my dick again, and this time I kept thrust, and it felt like she was trying to milk my come out of me. My own orgasm followed quickly, and I grabbed the base of the condom, and slipped out of her. I pulled the condom off, and started to tie it off. “No, gimme,” she said, snatching the condom out of my hands.

She turned it upside down and squeezed my come out on her breasts and rubbed it in. “It can’t be in my pussy, but it can still be on me,” she said.

I laughed. “I think it’s hot,” I said.

“Hot enough to be hard again?” she asked.

“Give me a minute, but yes,” I said.

“Thank you, Brian,” she said.

“For what?”

“For making sure I enjoyed it,” she said.

“I’m not done yet,” I said.

“No you’re not,” she said. “But I promised you some answers.” Her hand held my cock which was at half mast. She turned toward me, keeping her hand on her cock. “You aren’t the first boy that Mrs. Cooke has seduced,” she said.

“Sure,” I said. “I guess that makes sense.”

“My brother was one of them. For two years: the summer before his Junior and Senior year. After graduation he went into boot camp, but he told me that it was over by then anyway.”

“He told you this then?”

“No, on the phone a couple of days ago. He called, and I had a hunch, based on something she said at your party. About how he used to cut her grass.”

“Right,” I said.

She took a deep breath. “So, the Cookes are what you call kinky,” she said.


She stroked my cock as she talked. “Meaning she likes it when he does stuff to her. When he beats her and takes her and fucks her. At least that’s how I understand it.”

“She likes it?”

“Like I said, sometimes a girl likes to be taken and forced,” Cindy said.”You should just ask first, that makes it okay.”

“No one asked me about this thing with Janet.”

“No,” Cindy said. “Ultimately, we’re just kids, and they aren’t.”

“It doesn’t seem right,” I said.

“Well that’s why it’s against the law,” Cindy said. “The thing with you, not the kinky stuff. Although, I have to admit that I’m glad you learned what you did from her. It’s been good for me. You’ve got skills, Brian.”

I laughed. “Are you taking advantage of me too?”

“Only a little?” she said. “I like you. I’m not in love with you or anything, but I like you. And the sex is good. And if you don’t mind, I’d like a bit more of it now.”

“I think that would be great,” I said.

She grabbed the strip of condoms off the bed and tore into one of the packages. She looked at it a bit, flipped it over, and settled it on my dick, and rolled it on. “How are my skills?” she asked.

“Passing marks so far,” I said.

“‘Passing’?” she said. “Just ‘passing’?”

I shrugged. “I need more data points to be sure it wasn’t a fluke,” I said.

“I’ll give you data points,” She said, and threw her leg over me so she was straddling me. Her hand guided my cock into her pussy and she sank down on top of me. “How’s — ugh — that for a data point?”

“Very pointy,” I said, reaching up and caressing her breasts. I ran my thumbs over her erect nipples and she began slowly riding me back and forth. She leaned forward, almost lying on me, and at the top of her motion, I could just get her nipple in my mouth. I held her tits, and fed them to my mouth as she rocked up and down, alternating them with each thrust.

She moaned as my lips left her nipple, and she thrust down on my cock, and the lifted up so I could do it again. Her motions became rougher, slamming harder down and off as she went. I thrust up into her as my mouth clamped on her nipple and she held herself there as I thrust. I pulled off her nipple and she rode me a couple more times; then I latched onto her other breast and did it some more.

She thrust down on me and then we began moving together. I squeezed her breasts with my hands, and she bounced up and down on me while I thrust up into her. It was energetic, fast and amazing. She shuddered on top of me as her orgasm flushed over her. I thrust up into her a few times more, and found myself filling up my condom as I squeezed her breasts for dear life.

She rolled off of me, careful to leave the condom on me. “That hurt,” she said, caressing her breasts.

“What?” I said. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” she said. “It was hot while we were doing it. Maybe there’s something to this kinky thing, after all.”

“I don’t know if I could do that,” I said.

“You just did,” Cindy said.

“I meant on purpose,” I said. “It just seems wrong.”

“I don’t know,” she said. “It’s not really my thing either. It must work for them, anyway.”

“I guess.”

“Look,” Cindy said. “There’s one more thing you should know about the Cookes”

“And what’s that?” I asked.

She cuddled up against me, her head on my shoulder, and my arm around her.

“Howard said to me that the whole time he and Mrs. Cooke were together she always fretted about Mr. Cooke knowing what was going one.”

“Right,” I said. “That makes sense, she’s like that with me.”

“Well, one time he nearly got caught, and he watched them fuck — that’s how he found out about their kinkiness.”

“So, pretty much what happened to me, Mrs. Cooke and I got careless.”

“No,” Cindy said. “Howard doesn’t think so.”

“You mean she knew he was coming home?”

“Not only that,” Cindy said. “He knows all about it, and knew you were in the closet watching.”

“Wait, what?”

“I don’t know why,” Cindy said. “It’s a freaking game to them or something. To them you’re just a kid with an overactive libideo and a way for her to get off or something. Just part of their sex games, just not a knowing part. I’m sorry, Brian.”

“I don’t believe it,” I said “She loves me.”

“Maybe she does, Brian, but I doubt it. But she doesn’t respect you. She’s using you.”

“Aren’t you doing that too?”

“Maybe I was,” she said. “But I do like you, a lot. We’re not in love or anything. Plus, I promise I’ll always be honest with you.”

“Is — is your brother sure?”

“No,” she said. “It’s just what he thinks now, after it’s all over.”

“I guess I should find out,” I said.

“Or just enjoy yourself,” she said. “You can know about it and just learn as much as you can and get as much pussy as you can. Then you can come show me what you learned. But that’s for later. Right now we have a little more time and one condom left, so I’d like us to enjoy ourselves a bit more tonight.”

She kissed me then, and I kissed her back. She felt good pressed against me, and she was right that she’d pretty much always been honest about what she wanted from me, and what was going on. Cindy felt safe, I guess.

I reached for the condom and rolled my body on top of her. But my mind kept going back to Janet.

She was either in love with me, and would let me take care of her and get her away from Nathan, or she had been using me and this was all a game to her.

I had to know.

Chapter 3: Love Shack

The very next day, I raided my cash jar and rode out on my bike in search of a drugstore. I’d ridden a bit around our neighborhood — enough to find a few people who looked like they’d be willing to do yard work. I’d discovered a couple of people to hire me, and that just outside our subdivision there was a small strip mall

It was a mile or two from my house via the twisty roads of our development, but I didn’t mind the ride. For the first time in my life, I was really feeling like I was in shape and things were going my way. My old school hadn’t been so wonderful that I regretted leaving it behind. One or two friends, sure, but that was it. And well, Janet and the prospect of getting laid wiped out any negative feelings I might have had.

The strip mall turned out to be pretty typical. It had a chain grocery store on one end, a dry cleaner, a pizza place, a Chinese place, and a mom and pop drugstore on the other end. I found the condoms stuck in a private area in a little cubbyhole near the back. There were several kinds, and I had no idea what I needed. I settled on some generic Trojans with “spermicidal lubricant” because they came in the biggest box at the best price.

The only bit of awkwardness was that the register was worked by a cute girl about my age. I added some breath mints and an ace bandage to the mix, as though that would cover for what I was buying.  She blushed a bit as I got the box, but didn’t say anything.  I paid, walked out, let out a huge sigh of relief, and rode home as fast as I could.

No one was home when I got there, so at least my little sister wouldn’t know (and tell) what I’d bought. I stashed the condoms in my sock drawer, and put the ace bandage in the bathroom. And since no one was around, I lay in my bed and thought about Janet with my hand around my cock. Her blowjob had felt like nothing I’d ever imagined.  How different would it feel to finally fuck? That line of thought drove me quickly to orgasm, and afterwards, I lay in bed, just being comfortable and planning my week.

I wound up having a couple of people to do yard work for. Those jobs were more complicated than Janets, and therefore I could charge more. I was also getting real money this time. That kept me busy for a couple of days, and I spent some time pounding the pavement looking for more people.  In Charlotte it took me a few weeks to get recommendations, but eventually people were calling me until I was turning them away. Hopefully by the end of June I’d have a full slate.

Eventually it was time to do Janet’s yard again.  I mowed ours and then hers, and knocked on her kitchen door. She answered with a smile on her face. “Hi Brian! I’ve got a couple of friends over who want to hear about your prices. So you should head home and shower, and then come over to talk to them about it.  “And, you know, have some lemonade.”

“Sure thing, Mrs. Cooke,” I said.  She winked at me and I knew I’d said the right thing. I headed home, got clean, and got dressed in comfortable clean clothes. I put my price sheets in one pocket, and pulled a ribbon of condoms out and put them in the other. I was, as the scout say, “being prepared.”

Janet was sitting at the breakfast nook when I got back.  She handed me a lemonade and had me sit down.  Two other women were also sitting there.  They were a bit older than Janet, but not by much.  One was a brunette who had a few smile lines around her eyes. Her hair was long and styled nicely.  The other was a blonde with straight hair looked to be between the other two in age.  “Brian,” Janet said. “These are Mrs. King and Mrs. Minor.  Betty, Nancy, this is Brian Erhard. He’s been doing my lawn work, and is looking for more, right?”

“Yes, ma’am.” I drank a bit. “Thanks for the lemonade,” I said, remembering my manners.

“Why are you just now looking for business?” Mrs. King, the brunette, asked.

I looked at her, she was thin, except for her breasts which were nice. She looked like the kind of person who worked out to keep in shape. Admittedly, it was difficult to focus, as my cock was hard and I just hoped no one noticed. All I could think about was Janet, and the condoms in my pocket.  They felt like they were on fire in my pocket. “We just moved here,” I said. “I had some clients in Charlotte, but Dad got a new job, so we’re here.”

“Oh, you moved into the Petersons’ place,” Mrs. Minor said. “I wondered who bought that,” she said.  She smiled at me.  She was tiny, and couldn’t have been much bigger than my sister, Amy.  “What do you charge?”

“I’ve got some rate sheets,” I said. I’d written them out carefully and had Dad xerox them for me at work. I pulled out the folded sheets and handed them to the two women.  While they looked it over, Janet ran her hand over my thigh, lightly brushing it with  her fingertips. I felt my cock twitch and press against my shorts.

They looked them over and Mrs. King looked at Janet. “He does a good job?”

“So far,” she said. Her hand slipped over my thigh and between my legs.  She briefly squeezed my cock. “This was his second week, so I’m still learning all that he can do.”

“Are you free tomorrow?” she asked.

It took me a second to realize she was talking to me, but Janet squeezed my cock hard, and I jerked. “Uh, yes ma’am.”.  We settled on a time for me to come by and look at her lawn, and if we agreed to mow it. Mrs. Minor was slower to answer.

“I have to check with Charlie,” she said. “He’s my husband. You can take care of flower beds, though?”

“I understand that,” I said. “But I can do flower beds, mowing, weeding, I even took care of someone’s vegetable garden.  If you make up your mind, my number’s on the sheet.”  I’d scratched out the Charlotte number and written the new one in blue ink.

Janet smiled at them. “Well, that reminds me that I wanted to talk to Brian about taking care of my beds, so if you two ladies have what you need?”

Mrs. King smiled as she stood.. “I do.  I’ll see you tomorrow Brian.”

“Nine AM sharp,” I said.

Mrs. Minor followed suit, and the ladies left out the back door, thankfully not offering to shake my hand, as there was no way I could politely stand at the time.

“You have condoms this week?” she asked.  I nodded, and she took me by the hand. “Good, I’ve got a bed for you to look at.  Well, more like a couch, but it’s certainly big enough and soft enough.  Or hard,” she said, squeezing my cock with her free hand.

She led me downstairs, back to where we’d been last week.  She turned to me. “Sorry for teasing you like that, but I knew you’d need the business. If only to buy condoms.” I laughed at that.  Janet turned to me and undid the top button of her sundress.  She pushed the shoulder straps off and shimmied a bit. I admit I watched the way her breasts moved as she did it, and the next thing I knew, she was standing in front of me naked.  “Don’t worry,” she said. “I’m sure you’re ready to blow after all that.”

She sank to her knees in front of me, and reached out to my shorts, She patted my pockets, and on hearing the crinkling sound of the condom wrappers, reached in and pulled them out. I’d just pulled them out of the box, so a string of six came out. “Goody,” she said, and set them down on the table next to her.  She wrapped her fingers around the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down carefully, letting my hardon bounce out.  She oohed a bit and smiled up at me. “I’ve missed him,” she said. I was going to respond, but then she swallowed me whole, and I had no  more words.

She rocked back and forth several times, then swallowed me whole again. I felt her tongue on my balls, and then she was rocking back and forth.  I just stood there, not sure what to do with my hands.  At one point, I pulled off my shirt, but it was kind of awkward. I finally just ran my hands through her hair and she moaned when I did it. I was afraid to do much more than that, but it didn’t matter — it wasn’t long before I was close to coming.

She must have known because she pulled back and looked up at me. “Give it to me, Brian,” she said. “Come in my mouth.” Then she swallowed me again, and began doing something that felt like she was jacking me off, and then I was coming down her throat.  She swallowed and swallowed, and then went back to her earlier pattern.  I never really went limp, I just felt the release, and then she was getting me hard again.

A few minutes later, she stood up and kissed me. My hands found her breasts, and squeezed and teased them.  “I don’t need foreplay today,” she said.  She reached over, grabbed a condom and tore it open with her teeth.  She pulled it out and rolled it on my cock.  She walked over to the couch and lay down on her back, her legs splayed wide.

I didn’t have to ask what she wanted, so I climbed between her legs.  I was still nervous, but I figured this couldn’t be that difficult.  As I slid forward, she took the head of my cock and aimed it for her pussy, and then I pushed forward into her warm, wet, inviting self.  I just sat there for a moment. I’d never felt anything like it.  I smiled down at her, and leaned forward, and kissed her again. “That’s amazing, Janet. You’re amazing.”

She smiled at me.  “It’s even better if you move.”

I laughed and slid back out of her, and back in again.  I could feel her touch as it rode up and down my cock, and she was right.  Being inside of her was a wonderful feeling, but this was even better.  I listened to the noises she was making, and tried to adjust to what she wanted, but she looked up at me.  “Don’t worry about me today, Brian,” she said. “I want you to fuck me, and fuck me hard.  It’s your first time, right?”

I nodded. “Yes.”

“Well take your pleasure,” she said. “We have all summer to experiment.”


I slid in and out of her, looking down. I took one of her breasts in my hand, and squeezed it.  She closed her eyes, and arched back, so I took the other one in my other hand.  “Fuck me,” she said. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

I let myself go.  I’m not sure I could have held onto myself at that point really.  She was beautiful and she wanted it. I had her huge breasts in my hands, and my cock in her pussy and that was all it was for me. It wasn’t elegant, it wasn’t skilled, but it was primal.  And that’s what she wanted, I know. To be in control of something primal — the lust of a fifteen year old boy.

The mostly insatiable lust of a fifteen year old boy.

I fucked her hard and fast and long that day.  I pounded into her and squeezed her breasts, and she squirmed beneath me and came on my cock.  It seemed like I fucked her forever, like we’d always be fucking, but eventually I felt my orgasm rise up.  I fucked her faster, and squeezed her breasts harder, and she urged me on.  Her legs wrapped around me pushing me onward — harder and faster and deeper.  Finally I thrust into her one last time, and shuddered above her, my come filling up the condom and my release taking all the energy out of me.

I collapsed on top of her and we kissed. “You need to pull out,” she said. “Condom, hold it as you pull.”  I held it in place and pulled out of her. I rolled it off, and she handed me a tissue to wrap it up in.

“Take the condom wrapper, too,” she said. “Dennis will flip if he finds that.”  I gathered that up and she motioned me over.  She licked me clean.  “Thank you,” she said.

I had come well enough that I wasn’t actually hard again.  “No, thank you,” I said.

She laughed and posed for me. “Same time next week?”

“Looking forward to it already,” I said.

I got dressed, and slipped out of her house.  I was hard again when I got home, but I had good memories to masturbate by now.  It was going to be hard to wait a whole week.  But it would be worth it.

In fact, we worked into a regular weekly schedule.  She taught me a lot about pleasing women, but particularly her. I gained a lot of confidence, too. A part of me couldn’t conceive that what we were doing might be wrong, since it made us both feel so good. In a way, what I was doing wasn’t wrong — Janet had made the choice to seduce me and cheat on her husband. But I couldn’t believe ill of her. For I had done more than start falling for her; I’d already fell and hard.

And when I discovered what was going on with her husband, it just cemented my feelings for her.

Chapter 1: She Drives Me Crazy

Her name wasn’t Mrs. Robinson, and her husband wasn’t away at war. But she was my neighbor, she was hot and what we did changed my life forever. I wouldn’t condone doing what she did today, but for me at fifteen — I was fine with it.

We were new to the neighborhood.  We’d moved from Charlotte, North Carolina to suburban Cleveland as soon as school was out. Dad had closed on the place earlier in the year, and sold our house to someone moving down south for the weather. They weren’t so lucky when Hugo ran through Charlotte, and left them without power or water for weeks.  We even got rain up in Cleveland.

But that was in September, after my most amazing summer, the Summer of 89.

The trip from Charlotte had been long. I rode with Dad in a huge panel van which pulled his Ford Escort. Mom and Amy followed us in the station wagon.  We’d stopped just after crossing into Ohio and spent the night. We woke up early and pulled out with first light.  It was almost lunch time when we pulled into our home in Euclid, Ohio.

As the truck pulled up into our driveway I saw her.  She was learning over gardening, and wearing the tightest pair of short shorts I think I’d ever seen in my fifteen years.  Her legs were long and tanned and her ass round and nearly exploding out of her shorts. I could see every detail and things were getting very uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing in my pants.  That’s when she turned around.

Somehow, either by artifice or good fortune, she turned so that her blouse hung open and I could see right down it. Her breasts hung down full and milk-white and pendulous.  Not that I knew any of those words then. I just saw ass and legs, and an eye full of titties, and I was hard and I’m sure my mouth was agape.  She saw me, smiled, and I felt my cheeks burn.  She waved at us, and I tore my eyes away.

Dad tapped me on the back of my head. “Close your mouth,” he said. “She’s good to look at but don’t stare.”

“Okay, Dad,” I said.  “Sorry.”

“It’s normal,”  he said. “Just be a gentleman.  And remember that I told you Ohio would be cool.”

I laughed, and we went outside.  The woman had gone up to the car my Mom and Amy were in, and was talking to them as they got out.  They walked our way and I tried to not stare, but her tits were just so nice.  I think she noticed my hard on too, which didn’t help much.  Mom came up and introduced us.  “Janet, this is my husband Sam, and our son Brian.  Boys, this is Mrs. Cooke.”

“Hi, ma’am,” I said.

“Hello, Janet,”  Dad said, holding out his hand.  “Good day for gardening?” he asked.

“Just doing some weeding,” Janet said. “Welcome to the neighborhood.  We wondered when you were moving in.”

“Brian,” Mom said. “You should offer Mrs. Cooke some help.  He’s started a yard business for the summer. I’m afraid our move lost him all his customers.”

Janet laughed. “Well, my husband does most of that. But perhaps you can come over and we can talk about your rates?”

Her eyes looked me up and down and lingered for a moment on my erection.  I blushed before answering her. “S-sure,” I said.

“For now, though,” Dad said. “We really need to get some things unpacked. Get the beds set up and the kitchenware out of the car.”

“Of course,” she said, waved at all of us. “Again, welcome to the neighborhood.”  She went back to her weeding and I tried to ignore her.

Moving is the worst, really.  It’s so much work and it all has to be done right then.  I still hate it, although I hire people to do the heavy lifting now.  We emptied out the car, and Mom and Amy took off to get us all some lunch.  While we waited on them, we got Dad’s car off the trailer and opened up the truck.

About then, they got back with lunch, and we took a short break as we ate.  Then Dad and I were back to unloading the truck while Mom and Amy unpacked the kitchen and worked inside. I might have begrudged Amy the hard job, but she was only twelve then, and I was happy to show off my muscles to Mrs. Cooke.  Testosterone really gets the manly jobs done.  I didn’t even notice when she stopped weeding, or that she’d even left.  Fifteen and testosterone is also the recipe for stupid.

It was about four when Dad and I had the truck unloaded. My arms were like spaghetti and my legs ached as we moved.  We still hadn’t gotten the beds put together, but they were stacked in our various rooms.  Dad wanted to get to that, but I was going to beg him to do it tomorrow.

I was thinking about how to approach him, as we closed up the truck. He was going to take it back, and mom was going to follow in her car. That’s when Mrs. Cooke pulled into the driveway and waved at us.  She went around to the back of her car, and opened up the trunk.  I watched as she leaned over and pulled a bag of groceries out.

“Go help her, Brian,” Dad said.

“I don’t think I can carry anything else,” I said.

“It’s just a few more things, and be neighborly,” he said.  I could tell I was getting nowhere.  “When you’re done, go help your sister order pizza, and we’ll eat when your Mom and I get back.”

“Yes, sir,” I said.  I walked over to Mrs. Cooke, and said, “Let me help you with that.”

“Thanks,” she said.

I grabbed up the rest of the groceries, and lifted them up.  She shut the trunk of her car, and let me to the side door of her house.  She opened it up. “We rarely lock our door,” she said. “It’s a good neighborhood.”  She stepped on inside, and motioned for me to go inside.

The door opened up into her kitchen, which was bright, and decorated in a homey way, with apples and country decorations.  I set the groceries down on the counter. “There you go, ma’am,” I said.

She looked out the window of her kitchen.  “How old is your sister?” she asked.

“She’s twelve,” I said.

“So she can be on her own for a bit?”

“Uh, sure,” I said.

“Well take a seat then, Brian   Let me get you a cold pop, and put the cold stuff away. Then we can talk about the yard work.”

“Okay,” I said. “You have Coke?” She pulled one out of the fridge and handed it to me.  I opened it up and drank it down fast.  I watched her as she moved around the kitchen.  She was still wearing the loose blouse and tight pants.  I tried to remember Dad’s warning about staring, but we were alone, and she wasn’t paying any attention to me.

Her breasts swung underneath the blouse, and I was pretty sure those shorts were painted on.  Of course, I was getting aroused again, but no one was saying anything, so I didn’t worry about it.  I just sat there and watched her and fantasized about her naked.  Which wasn’t very difficult, considering.

The soda was cool, and her house was cool, unlike ours, since her air conditioning had been on for longer.  It didn’t take her long to finish putting things away, and she grabbed another Coke from the fridge for each of us.  She pulled a chair out from the table and sat down close to me.

“Brian,” she said. “I appreciate the help.  I wanted to talk to you in private about the lawn work.”

“Sure,” I said. “Just being neighborly. I’ve got a sheet with my rates on it back home.”

“That won’t be necessary,” she said. “I work from home, and, well, my husband expects me to take care of the house and lawn.  He works hard, and he works late most of the time — like today.”

“Oh,” I said. “Well, that’s okay.  I’m sorry if Mom put you on the spot about that.”

“No, that’s not it,” she said. “Like I said, my husband works hard and late most of the time. So I think we could work out an arrangement.”

She was fiddling with the buttons on her blouse, and I was watching her.  My cock strained against my pants, and I just didn’t get what she was talking about.”I… I don’t understand,” I finally said. I’m not sure how long it took me to say it, as she’d undone the top button of her blouse. I mean the top one that was still buttoned.  It was the third or fourth one down, and her cleavage showed through very well.

I still remember that today, like it was burned into my mind.

“Oh, to be so young,” she said.  She undid another button.  “I think I better show you what I mean. You helped me out today, right?”  Another button, and her blouse fell open revealing a lacy bra which lifted up her tits and showed them to me.

I blushed and said nothing. My mouth was dry and my mind was going a hundred miles per hour. She was going to show me her tits for bringing in her groceries?  Could she go shopping every day?  She reached over and touched my cock through my pants. I groaned.

“Take it out,” she said. “I want to see it.”  I fumbled at it, unbuttoning my jeans, and sliding my zipper down. I’d done it every day for most of my life, but this time it felt like my zipper hung and it took forever.  My cock had slipped through my boxers and sprung up as I zipped it down.  “Oh, Brian. It’s beautiful.”

“So, so are you.” I said, and gulped.  I was still staring at her tits.

“You like them?” she said rocking her shoulders so they bounced a bit.


“Good.” She put her hand on my cock and I nearly fainted.  “Just a handjob today,” she said “Because your cock is lovely but all you did was ‘be neighborly.'”  She rubbed my cock up and down, and ran her hand over the tip. Then she started going up and down pretty fast.  My precum came out and she ran her hand over it to lube it up, and then when she wrapped her fist around my cock and rubbed it felt awesome.

Her hand moved so fast her tits bounced up and down together. I watched them mesmerized as she jerked me off.  It felt like forever, but it was probably only a couple of minutes, if that, before I spurted. It felt wonderful. No one had ever done that for me before, and that’s when I learned how different it was to be touched versus touching yourself.  I wanted to be touched a lot.

My first spurt of cum landed on her tits.  The rest oozed around her hand as she squeezed it out of me.  I gasped and felt the last of my strength ooze with it.  She licked off her hands.  “Oh, that’s so good,” she said. “I love it.” She slid her hand to her tits, and swiped up the bit that was there, and ate it too.

“I liked that a lot,” I said. My brain wasn’t working, and I was fifteen.

“You were supposed to,” she said. “So here’s the deal. That’s what you got for groceries.  Think about what you’ll get for doing more lawn work. Plus I know more people in the neighborhood who I can recommend. Don’t get your hopes up, they’ll pay cash. Deal?”

I laughed. “Deal,” I said.  I tucked my cock back in my shorts, and tried to zip my pants while I sat, rather unsuccessfully.  I was starting to get hard again as I thought about what she said.

“Cool,” she said. “I’ll be in touch.”

I got home before Mom and Dad did, at least, which just confirmed that it hadn’t taken as long as I’d thought.  Still, I remember that day well, as it’s when things changed for me, forever. I had no idea what that summer was going to be like, but it was just beginning.

I had no idea what she was going to teach me, or what I’d learn that she didn’t mean to teach me.  The highs were high, and the lows were pretty low.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I should tell you about my first time with her first.  Oh, if I could turn back time and do that over.

20 Questions

Sylvia lay on the bed next to her boyfriend, lover and roommate. “Twenty Questions,” he had said. “That’s the game. I have a surprise, and you have to guess what it is.”

Sylvia looked at Ron, appraising him. He’d brought her upstairs and had her lie on the bed. Then he’d told her about the game. She was normally all for a little fun, but hated it when Ron had a secret. “Just tell me!” she said, curious.

“No,” he laughed. “You have to discover it for yourself. That’s the way 20 questions works.”

“Arrrgh. I *hate* that game. So repetitive.”

“So we change the rules. Let’s see… For every question asked, if the answer is ‘yes’ then the answerer — that would be me — loses an article of clothing. If the answer is no, then the asker — you — would lose one.”

Sylvia smiled. This could be fun, then. “When we run out of clothes, we move on to…other stuff.”

“Sounds good to me.”

“I’m going to like this game,” Sylvia said. “Prepare to be stripped.”

“We’ll see…” Ron said. “So, start with your questions. I’ll tell you this: it’s an object, and it’s not an animal or vegetable.”

“OK,” she said. She turned in the bed and looked at him. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, with one of his legs dangling off the side, and the other tucked underneath. She pulled her legs in, and sat up, sitting cross-legged. “This isn’t another of your corny gifts is it? Just to get that out of the way.”

“No,” Ron said, and reached out to her. He began unbuttoning her blouse, but stopped halfway. Sylvia looked at him, and he said, “I’m done.”

“Trying to prolong it?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said, and began to unbutton his shirt, halfway.

Dammit, she’d been tricked. Maybe this whole thing was a gag, a joke on her. Something she couldn’t guess. “Is this a gag? Did Joe put you up to this?”

“No,” came the response. “This is not a gag.” He unbuttoned her shirt the rest of the way, revealing a lacy white bra. At least she had worn one of her nicer ones today. He pulled her shirt off, and she felt his hands at the snap of her pants. “And no, Joe didn’t put me up to it.”

“Arrrgh,” she growled, and leaned on her back. She pulled her pants off.

“Plain white cotton,” he said, caressing her revealed thigh.

“I didn’t know we were going to be playing sex games, or you’d have gotten the red lacy ones.”

“I’ll remember that for next time,” he said.

“OK,” Sylvia stopped for a moment. She had to think about what this. She was way behind and needed to figure this out. “What I know,” she thought, “is that I’m down to undies and socks, and he hasn’t taken his shirt off yet! I need to approach this more logically…”

She thought for a moment more and looked at Ron. “OK, is it bigger than a breadbox?” she asked.

“No,” Ron said, and pulled off one of her socks.

“Is it in the room with us?”

“Yes,” Ron said, and pulled off his shirt.

“Finally,” she said. “I’ll get you naked yet.”

“If you don’t, curiosity will kill you.”

Sylvia looked around the room. It was in here somewhere. “Is it…something I can see?”

“No.” As Ron pulled off her other sock, she mock kicked at him. “Only two more ‘no’ questions, and I have you at my mercy,” he said chuckling.

“I know, I know!” Maybe he was getting her undressed so he could put her in what he had bought…Maybe something sexy. “Is it something I can wear in bed?” Sylvia asked flirtatiously.

Ron laughed, and said “Why, yes it is something you can wear in bed.” He stood up and slid his pants down, bending so she could see his tight ass. She reached out and caressed it through his briefs. “Now wait, Sylvia. You’ve got a few questions to go before you can do that.” Ron sat back down, and faced her. He was still wearing socks, so he was one article of clothing ahead.

“Is it… lingerie?” she asked.

Ron smiled, “Nope.”

“Damn.” she said. She sat up and removed her bra, cupping her breasts and letting the straps fall. She slowly moved her hands down, revealing her breasts. She could tell Ron was watching as she undressed, and she had to admit she was enjoying teasing him.

“OK, then, is it something I could wear anywhere?”

Ron paused for a moment, and thought for a second. “Yes, I suppose you could wear it anywhere.”

Sylvia laughed, and pulled one of his socks off. “So is it clothing?”

He laughed then, “No, it’s not clothing. And you are naked.” He reached over, and took the elastic band of her panties, and pulled them down her legs. She lifted her ass to help him do it. She always enjoyed it when he did that.

Sylvia sighed. “I still think this is some kind of sex game.” Ron grinned at her, and she tried to divine whether it was or not. “So I think it’s some sort of sex toy — something I could strap on, maybe.”

Ron didn’t say anything. Sylvia looked at him expectantly. “That wasn’t a question,” he said.

“Oh, ok. Is it a sex toy?”

“No, it’s not!” he leered. He curled up next to her, and she felt his hand on one breast, and his mouth on another, his tongue flicking back and forth against the nipple. His fingers found her other nipple, and began twisting it a bit, bringing it to hardness. Sylvia moaned as he played with her tits. Then he stopped.

“You stopped.”

“Yes, it’s time for another question.”

“OK, is it…jewelry?”

“Yes, it is.”

“Ooooh.” She said, as she sat up, and pulled off his other sock. “You’re just down to one garment, now,” she said, as she rubbed the front of it with one hand.

“Now, now,” he said, as he wagged his hand. “You’ve still got two questions to go before you can do that.”

“But I know you like it.” She squeezed his hardening cock with her hand. “I can just tell these things.”

“Now, come on Sylvia. Play fair. Ask another question.”

“OK. It’s not cheap is it?” she asked, playfully.

“No,” he said laughing. He lowered his mouth to her breast, and sucked it in. His free hand slid down between her legs, and began caressing her wet pussy lips. She pushed forward with her pelvis, trying to get him to slide his fingers inside of her. He just kept rubbing outside, up and down her mound, pressing down over her clit, but not sliding inside.

She gasped as he nipped at her breast in time with his finger’s pressure. Then he lifted his hand off her mound, and pulled his lips from her breast. It was time for another question.

She smiled at him; she knew what it was, now, or thought she did. The question was, did she want to prolong it or not. She thought about his mouth on her breasts. Yes, prolonging it would be a good thing. “Is it a…neck
lace?” She asked.

“No,” he said, and lowered his mouth to her other breast. This time his finger slid inside of her. His middle finger found her clit, and moved it just so, in little circles. She gasped and sighed and thrust her pelvis against his hand.

Before he could stop, she asked, between gasping breaths, “Is it earrings?”

He lifted his mouth off her breast, and whispered “No.”

Then he did stop, and she cried out, “No…” But he was moving, sliding down her body, promising something more. She lifted her legs, and separated them, and he settled in between her legs, his mouth on her pussy.

She felt his hands separate her pussy lips, and then his tongue, sliding from the bottom to the top, stopping there, resting on her clitoris. She gasped as he played with it, tonguing it gently, tap, tap tap, sending little pulses of pleasure up and down her spine.

Sylvia wrapped her legs around his head, and pulled him to her. He sped up, going faster. Ron’s tongue began doing what seemed like a wild dance then, lick, twirl, tap, twirl, tap, tap, twirl.

“Yes yes, yes,” Sylvia cried, keep doing that.” He complied, twirling his tongue around her clit, and she moved back, towards him, grinding her pelvis into his face and mouth. The pleasure built higher and higher, and she pulled him tighter and tighter with her legs, and then she came, crying out in ecstasy. She let him go then.

He looked up at her with a sparkle in his eye. “You better get it right, now. I’m not sure I could survive another ‘No’ answer.”

She laughed happily. “OK, sweetie. Is it a ring?”

“Yes,” he said. She sat up. He lay down on his back, and she pulled his underwear off of him, releasing his cock. It sprung out from behind his briefs, standing tall and hard. She ran her hand over it. “You have to ask a question!” he admonished.

“OK. Does the ring have a stone?”

“Yes, it does,” he said. She smiled at him and ran her hand up and down his cock, stroking it. She sped up, faster and faster. She could see the look of excitement on his face as she stroked his cock. He stretched out, pointing his toes like he always did right before he was going to come, and she stopped.

He groaned, painfully. “Time for another question,” she said. “Is it an engagement ring?”

She saw a twinkle in his eye. “Yes, yes, it is.”

He started to move, as if to get it, but she stopped him. “I get my prize,” she said, and lowered her mouth over his cock. He groaned happily and lay back down.

Sylvia moved slowly up and down his cock, running her tongue over it, sliding her tongue between his slit. She took a hand and cupped his balls, gently playing with them. She moved a little faster, and felt him begin to move, just a little bit. She squeezed his balls, and began sucking hard. “It won’t be long now,” she thought.

And she was right, she squeezed a little harder on his balls, and he went rigid, pumping his come into her mouth. Sylvia moved a couple more times, up and down his cock, cleaning it off. She looked up at him, and swallowed.

Ron gazed down at her, his eyes twinkling, obviously happy. He moved languorously, to the side of the bed. He reached down between the mattresses underneath where he had just lain, and pulled out a small jewelry box. He opened it up and showed it to her.

“Now it’s time for my question,” he said. “Will you marry me?”

Sylvia looked at the ring — it was beautiful. But even more beautiful was the man holding it. He had completely surprised her by this, and now she had to think. There were so many questions in her mind, so many doubts. But deep in her gut, she knew it would be ok. “Yes,” she said. “I will.”

He slid the ring on her finger, and kissed her. As they kissed he rolled her onto her back, and slid between her legs. He was hard again, already. She looked up at him quizzically

“The asker gets a prize if the answer is yes.” he said, matter-of-factly.

“Oh,” she said, and slid her legs wide apart. “Then, my love, my fiance, come and claim your prize.”

She looked up at him, as he slid between her legs, and then between her nether lips, sliding all the way home. One of his hands brushed her hair. “You, he said are the most wonderful prize of all.”

Sylvia felt a tear leave her eye. “Take me,” she whispered.

And he did, several times.

Without question.


I heard it the first time the day I helped move my girlfriend Sylvia into her new apartment. We’d gotten the furniture situated, put the bed together, and unpacked the sheets. After that we were too exhausted to do more than go to bed.

We hadn’t put up any of the clocks, so I had no clue what time it was, but it was late. That’s when the squeaky noises coming from the apartment upstairs.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Dunno,” came my girlfriend’s sleepy reply. “Worry later.”

I curled up behind her and went to sleep, wondering.

The next weekend, she called me, “I just need some stuff taken into storage and I’ll be done unpacking. Can you come over?”

“I’m on my way.”

When I got there, she had a few boxes in the den for me to carry to the outside storage area. “There’s a couple more in the bedroom,” she told me when I finished. When I’d finished, there it was again, the squeaky noises.

“What’s that?” I asked her again.

“Oh, that. That happens every night at 12:30, is what.”

“And on Saturdays too?”

“I guess so,” she said, chuckling.

I grinned and took out the last few boxes.

I hung around most of the day, helping Sylvia do little errands around the house, storing stuff away or shelving her large collection of books. Every half hour or so, the squeaking would begin again. Usually for just a few minutes then there would be another half hour break.

I was helping her make her bed, when we heard them again. Sylvia looked up at the ceiling, “Go for it, dude!” she said, laughing.

He stopped about two minutes later. I just shook my head, “Poor girl.” I caught Sylvia’s eye just as she started laughing hard. I just grinned.

Now my girlfriend’s apartment is situated such that the bedroom and den are right next to each other. I was sitting on the couch, waiting on some of her patented chicken strips, when I heard a repeated thud coming from the bedroom. I walked around, and realized that no, it was coming from upstairs. “Sylvia,” I called, “listen to this!”

She walked into the bedroom just as it the thudding picked up again. Then it paused, and went there were several more thuds. Then a pause, and it repeated. Sylvia looked up at the ceiling and arched her brow, with a wicked grin.

“Headboard.” I said. She just nodded.

“You’d think they’d have worn out by now.”

“Yeah he doesn’t last too long.” Just as she said it, the thudding stopped. “See?” she said.

“Well, maybe he’s just teasing her,” I said.

“What do you mean?”

“You know, a little bit every so long–keeping her going.”

She laughed and cocked her head like she does when she’s pondering something. “He better be careful. I’d have killed him by now.”

That night in bed, we talked. “I’m amazed they kept it up all day,” I said, running my hand up and down her side, feeling her skin.

“Yeah.” She reached out and caressed my face with her free hand.

I moved my hand down to her breast, gently cupping it in my hand. “I mean such…stamina. Maybe they’re newlyweds.”

I caressed her nipple with my thumb, and she closed her eyes and slowly breathed in. “I — that feels good — I guess that’s one possibility.”

“You have another idea?” I asked, moving my hand around and down, caressing the small of her back.

“Maybe…It could be something boring, you know.” I teased her nipple a bit as she spoke. “Or something more exciting.”

I could take a hint. “Maybe it’s not newlyweds, then.” I leaned forward, and licked her nipple with my tongue. “Maybe it’s someone with…appointments.”

“She sighed, and then asked “Like what?”

I sucked her breast into my mouth, then let it go. “Maybe she’s a working girl.” I said, blowing on her breast, watching her nipple crinkle. “This isn’t that high class a neighborhood.” I nipped gently at her nipple.

“Why would anyone do that?”

I slid my hand down to her ass, and licked her other nipple. “Money?” I asked. I gently nibbled on her nipple. She moaned. I pulled her closer.

“Because she likes it?” I added, pulling her breast back into my mouth, while licking her nipple. That always drives her crazy.

Right then, the squeaking started again. My girlfriend moaned, and rolled me on my back. “If she liked it,” she said, while impaling herself on my cock, “Then she’d just give it away. She wouldn’t need appointments. Unless–” She sighed, and began rocking back and forth on my cock.

“Unless?” My hands went up to her breasts, squeezing those beautiful nipples.

“Unless–ugghh — unless, she was just horny all the time. Dragging her man to bed every so often to relieve that *need*” She lost control at this point and began riding me hard.

“Seems like that would wear most men out, he must be a real stud.” I moved my hands down to her ass, pulling her close, and then leaned up, nibbling on her nipples, and sucking her breasts.

“Yes, yes, that’s it,” she said riding me harder, pressing her body down to get all of my cock inside. I increased the pressure on her nipples. “Oh. I’m, I’m… I’m” My orgasm quickly followed after hers.

She collapsed on me. “Then she’d need appointments.”


“To give him time to get it back up.”

“What?” The sex had made me a bit fuzzy.

“The woman. Upstairs.”

“Oh, right,” I said. We cuddled for a few minutes, then I felt her hand on my body again, caressing my cock, getting it harder.

“Your thirty minutes are up, stud muffin.”

Later the next week she called me on the phone.

“I was out walking the dog last night, and I met my upstairs neighbor.”

“Oh?” I said. “Do tell.”

“He’s a policeman. Works out to keep in shape.”

“That’s kind of disappointing,” I said. “But makes sense.”

“Yep, like I said, something boring.”

She’s always right.

Something About Him

(MF Mdom Rom)

There was something about him. I knew it the moment I saw him, but I wasn’t sure what it was. Some would have said it was his looks. His hair was short and black, his eyes were a dark, dark brown and his skin was just the healthy side of pale. He wore a tight black T-shirt and leather pants which stretched over his body and displayed what lay underneath. He was leaning forward, chin in hand, a serious expression on his face.
And maybe that was it. He could have been lost in concentration or just waiting for lunch, but he did it with a sense of purpose. I felt that he knew what he was doing, why he was doing it, and what he was trying to accomplish. And there was something attractive about that.
So, while I had come to the restaurant to get some lunch, I found myself walking over to him. I was going to say, “Hi,” and introduce myself. Maybe get his name and give him my phone number. If I was lucky, maybe he would even call me back.
When I got to his table, he was still as a statue. I opened my mouth to introduce myself, but before I could speak, he said, “What?” Just that, nothing else. I paused at his apparent irritation, uncertain what to say. My words fled as I stood there, silent.
But there was still something about him. His voice was deep and resonant; his single-word question wasn’t mockery or sarcastic. Yet it demanded an answer. “Wh-what do you mean?” I stammered, confused, trying to regain my mental faculties.
He turned and looked at me for the first time. His gaze met mine, then lowered as he examined my body, appraising me. His eyes met mine again, and he asked, “What do you want?” Again his gaze traveled over me. I could feel it as it caressed my breasts, slid over legs, and finally, pierced me between my thighs. What was it about this man?
“You don’t know?” He asked almost mockingly. “You walked over here to speak to me and you don’t know why? Is this a common problem? Do you know what you want about anything? How about your job? Your life? Do you want the nice little husband and the two-point-five kids, or do you want something else? Do you even know? Is that the real problem?” Again he wasn’t mocking, it was almost as if he really wanted to know if it was true, did I know what I wanted. And, suddenly, I wasn’t sure if I could tell him.
He asked me again, more forcefully this time, “What do you want?”
The question echoed inside of me. What did I want? Not what I had, certainly. A lousy job, a non-existent social life. I realized to my dismay that I had no idea what I wanted to fill my empty life with. “I don’t know,” I whispered, despairingly.
“Humph,” he said, and turned back in his seat, resuming his previous posture. Ignoring me.
I returned to my seat, and collapsed in my chair. My salad arrived, and I ate it slowly, ponderously. I tried to think about what I wanted, but all I could focus on was what I didn’t have — like him, for instance.
Occasionally, I’d glance up at him, but he was always in the same position. When his food arrived, he at it quickly and deliberately, and left. I finished a few minutes later, and went back to my worthless job.
That night, I masturbated for over two hours. I wasn’t horny, I was empty. I had to keep the loneliness away. It had been getting worse and worse lately, and today, with the man from the restaurant… Well, he figured prominently in my fantasies. He took me, lifting my legs up and back, pressing my body beneath him. He plunged his huge cock deep into my cunt, over and over, all the while staring at me with his intense gaze, boring into my soul.
And in my fantasy, for just a moment, I knew that finally, I wasn’t alone.
I came again and again, over and over, until I fell asleep, exhausted, my hand still pressed against my crotch.
That was the first day I saw him.

I woke to the incessant buzzer of my alarm the next morning. After all the activity of the last night, I had a deep and dreamless sleep. My body and mind resisted the need to rise, to get ready to go to work. To get on with my lousy life.
I thought back to the night before, and felt the emptiness creep in again, and I brushed my hand over my bush, idly opening my pussy lips. It sent a small shock through my inner void, and I shook my head. I had to get up, I couldn’t lay here all day and play with myself. But the image of him lingered in my mind, his gaze piercing me at lunch, his cock piercing me in my fantasies. My cunt clenched, and I forced myself out of bed.
Robotically, I prepared for my day, until I got to selecting my clothes. I pulled out a low-cut blouse, and wondered if he’d appreciate the view in that one. That was when I realized I was planning on eating at the same restaurant again today. That was when I realized how bound up in his web I’d become.
Did he do anything to deserve my confusion or my passion? Or did he just stumble over some trigger, some thing lying dormant in me that realized that something, anything had to change. Maybe he was just the most convenient target; maybe anything that set me off kilter would have caused this. But I couldn’t shake it: there was something about him.
So I dressed in my most revealing business clothes, and went to work. I don’t want to say much about it, it was Hell just like always. The only thing that got me through the stupid meetings and tasks of the morning was thinking about him, being at the restaurant today. I didn’t allow myself to consider the most likely prospect: that he wouldn’t be there at all.
So at lunch, I left my desk a few minutes early, primped a bit in the ladies’ room, and walked to the restaurant. I sat at the same table I was at the day before, ordered the same thing, and waited.
And, of course, he didn’t come. With each second that ticked, each minute that passed, the emptiness inside me grew and filled. When I had finished my salad, I stole back into a private stall in the ladies’ room, lifted my skirt, and slid my hand inside the scoop-necked blouse. I cried, and masturbated, trying to remember my fantasies from the night before, unable to see his face above me, unable to feel his cock inside me.
I finally came, and with the infusion of endorphins, I collected myself. I washed my hands and fixed my makeup, paid, and left the restaurant, vowing never to return.
That night I flipped through my scrapbooks of a happier time. When I had thought I was in love, and he was in love with me. A time when I was excited about my new career, and we talked about settling down, buying a house and having children. The pictures ended far before the relationship did, before the reality hit home and my career turned out to be a dead-end road to nowhere, just like my barren womb.
What could I offer to a man, really? Alan obviously didn’t think I could offer much, so he found his own way without me. And I was left here, at a dead end road, with no map to continue on. I wanted so desperately to be filled by something, a sense of purpose, a cock, even the impossible. I settled for cheap alternatives, and retired to my room with my largest dildo, to fuck myself into harsh oblivion for the second night in a row.
I masturbated for a long time, having small, yet ever-building orgasms. Eventually, my fantasies drifted again to the man from the restaurant. I imagined the dildo was his cock filling my cunt, moving slowly in and out, as he made love to me. My orgasm b
uilt, sending shudders throughout my body as I/he rammed the dildo/his cock into me. My cunt clenched, and I let out a piercing yell as I came.
Relaxed, I drifted off to heavy sleep.

Once again I woke to the screeching of my buzzer. I was rubbed raw, and the dildo lay between my legs, sticky with my own juices. “I’ve got to stop doing this,” I said to myself, as I rubbed my eyes, trying to wake up and clear my head. It had been a long time since my head was clear, and I was truly awake.
As I sat at my kitchen table, sipping coffee, and looking back through those horrible photographs, I felt calm for the first time in a long time. I recalled my fantasies of the night before. It had been a long time since I had been passionate about anything, and there was something about him, something that scared and attracted me at the same time.
So, I went back to the restaurant, despite my vow from the previous day. I had to go, if only because it made my day different than all the ones before. Once again, I repeated the first day’s tasks and timing as if it were a ritual to summon the mysterious man. I had a mission or an obsession, but I had something, and it was mine.
The minute I saw him, my nipples hardened as I recalled my nightly fantasies. He had returned — I was surprised and elated. Now, I had to decide what to do. I had hoped he would return, but never really believed that our chance meeting would happen again. I could stay here with my salad, or I could go back to him, and talk to him.
Finally I realized there was no point to all of this if I didn’t talk to him. Resolved, I stood up, my knees a little shaky. I gathered myself together, and walked over to his table with a purpose. As I walked, he turned to face me. When I got close to him, he said, “So, did you ever decide?”
“Decide what?” I asked.
“What you wanted,” he said.
I looked into his dark eyes. I’d had a couple of sleep-deprived days to ponder this question, and I’d run it over in my mind again and again. I didn’t know the answer, but felt I had to be free of the question. “Does it matter?” I asked.
“That depends…” he said, drawing out his voice. I waited for the rest of his answer. As I waited, he appraised me again. I could feel his gaze pass over me, like a lover’s finger sliding slowly over my body. Where it passed, my skin shivered. My nipples responded. My mouth grew moist. Hair stood up along my arms. My cunt began to get wet.
His gaze went back to my face. “Probably not,” he said. It felt like a dismissal. He began to turn back in his chair, back to stare at his wall. I reached out and put my arm on his shoulder, pulling him back to face me. I couldn’t allow this moment to pass, there had to be something more to it.
He turned back, raised an eyebrow, and stared at my hand until I removed it. “What exactly is your game, anyway?” I asked.
“There is no game,” he said. “Two days ago, you walked over to me. I asked you what you wanted. Yet, you couldn’t answer. I had to wonder — what kind of person doesn’t have an answer for that? You must have wanted something when you came over, but you couldn’t say. Personally, I don’t think you can answer. However, there must be some answer, you are here again today. There must be something you want. What do you want?”
I took in a deep breath. Back to that question again. I clenched my right hand into a fist, I could feel my nails digging into the palm of my hand. “No, I won’t answer that yet. What do you want?” I asked, throwing the question back at him.
He cracked a small smile then, the first I’d seen from him. “Does it matter?” he asked, volleying back with my own words. His smile went away, but his eyes held amusement. Was this some sort of game to him? Well, two could play at that game.
I returned with some of his own ammunition “Do you even know what you want?”
“Yes, I do,” he said, stopping me in my tracks
“Really?” I said.
He leaned forward in his chair. “Do you even want to know? Do you even think you could handle it?” His voice was soft, seductive, yet challenging. I just gave one imperceptible nod. “I’m looking for a woman,” he said. “A woman who will be mine.” I must have looked shocked then, because his eyes laughed at me. “A mirror to my soul. Someone to receive what I provide, to fulfill my desires, as I fulfill hers. Someone who turns to me for comfort and care. Someone I can wrap my arms around and hold her whole world. My opposite and complement. I can’t seek her, because she must seek me.”
It sounded almost familiar. Like something I had wanted, once. “What does this have to do with knowing what I want?”
“I know what I want,” he said. “The woman I want, being my opposite, won’t.” His gaze bored into me again, and I felt a familiar shock. I fought the desire to bring my legs together, squeezing my thighs.
“What exactly is it that you can provide?” I asked. Visions of him pounding into me assaulted my consciousness. I had needs and desires, why couldn’t I say what I wanted?
“Purpose, for one,” he said. “I would be her purpose. And, in many ways, she would be mine.”
“And you think I am that woman you desire?”
He tilted his head. “I don’t know. Have you ever fantasized about kneeling down in front of someone in, say, a crowded restaurant, pulling out his cock and going down on him?” I shook my head no. “And doing it in an outfit skimpier than yours?” He leaned forward; I leaned back, away from him. “And masturbating while you did it?” I must have blushed then, he pulled back and gave me that condescending smile again. Was he suggesting that I do this for him, now?
My body was flushed with excitement, but I answered honestly. “N-no.”
“Well, then,” he said, as if that decided it. His eyes flickered, and focused on something behind me. “Your lunch is here.” He turned again, and this time I didn’t stop him.
That night, I went to bed early to get some rest, but found my dildo lying there under the covers. I picked it up, and slid the head between my lips, and then began sliding it in and out, deeper each time. I imagined him grabbing my hair, and pulling me to his cock, as he shoved it deep inside of me. I got up on my knees, and used my free hand to finger my cunt, sliding two, then three fingers deep inside of me.
We were in a public place. He was humping my face as I rammed my hand up my cunt. I was embarrassed but I didn’t care, because he was wild for my mouth, and I was so hot for him. I sucked harder and harder as his cock filled my mouth. I felt him spurt, his come splashing against the back of my throat, and my cunt clamped down on my hand.
I let out a muffled scream around the dildo. My body shuddered and shook and shook again, as wave after wave of uncontrolled orgasm washed over me. I hadn’t come that hard in months, maybe years.
I had to wonder, what was happening to me?
And did I want more?

The next morning I awoke more refreshed than I had in a long, long time. I lay in bed, where I had slept at a skewed angle, and watched as my digital alarm slowly counted up to the alarm time. When it went off, I got quickly out of bed, stiff — but in a good way that I never realized I missed — and shut it off.
When it came time for me to pick clothes, I headed into my spare bedroom — the baby’s bedroom — where I kept some of my older clothes. I found two outfits
, clothes that I wore clubbing, that I shouldn’t ever wear to work, that still fit me, and fit well. One for today, and one for tomorrow, I told myself, just in case I missed him again. He’d shown up twice now, there was reason to believe he’d be back, eventually.
My first choice was the “more revealing” option. A V-neck blouse with a push-up bra, and a thigh-length dress that I couldn’t bend over in. Nevertheless, it was better for work than the other one, which had as it’s base a crotch-less body-stocking. Work wouldn’t like it, but well… so what? I didn’t care about work anymore. I wasn’t sure I ever had.
As I put it on, I had a mental image of me on the floor in this dress in front of him. It was short, and I was on my knees, so I was showing a lot of thigh. But it was also easy for me to slide my hand up, inside the skirt, hiking it up just a little bit more to run my finger over my slit. As I stood there in my closet, I touched myself, and my pussy lips distended, making way for my finger. I smiled. Yes, this was what I wanted.
I was running late — work had decided to be worse than usual, over and above the crude comments from co-workers, and an admonishment from my boss. All I did was smile and wonder what he’d say about tomorrow’s outfit.
So, when I got there, he was already there. He was sitting and staring, but instead of facing the wall like had the previous two times, he was turned, facing the door. When he saw me, he relaxed, just the tiniest bit. He didn’t show it on his face as he turned back to face the wall.
Disconcerted by this, I wasn’t sure what to do. I glanced over to “my” table, and shook my head. Instead, I adjusted my outfit one last time, and walked over to him, and stood beside him. I still didn’t know what to say.
He turned his head to me, and looked at me. Once again, his gaze traveled over me. He took his time, lingering at my hard nipples, pressing against the blouse, caressing my legs like a lover, and then settling back again on my eyes. He smiled just a little then. My heart skipped at his apparent approval. Again, I had to wonder whose web I was in: his or mine?
And I was totally wet.
His eyes narrowed. “So,” he said. “Here we are again. ” He seemed gruff, almost angry with me. Most of my confidence fled. Had I misread him? Wasn’t he glad to see me? I felt myself shake, and the tears at my eyes, as I began to sob.
I pressed the heels of my hands into my eyes, and sobbed into them, willing the tears to stop. “Oh, God!” I said. I gathered myself together, and lowered my hands to my sides. I could see my makeup smeared on the heels, and knew I must look awful.
“I don’t know anymore,” I said. “I thought I knew, but then I met you, and now I don’t know anymore. My life has been hell, and then, suddenly, there was you. It’s like you put me under some kind of spell. I can’t think of anything but you.”
“Do you believe in love at first sight?” He asked.
“This,” I said. “Is not love. Lust maybe, or something else.”
“But do you believe in it?”
“I did once.”
“No longer?” I shook my head no. “I’ve never felt this way about anyone,” he continued. “There is something inside of you, an emptiness that begs to be filled. A loveliness that wants to be used… A need that fills my want. There. I’ve told you how I feel, you can guess what I want. What do you want?”
Damn, it was that question again, thrown up to taunt me again. I turned to go, convinced this demon would never let me go, but he reached out and touched my elbow, “Wait,” he said. “Do you really want to leave?”
I stopped, and turned back. “I don’t know,” I said. “I don’t fucking know. I don’t know what I want, or who I want, or what I want to do. I’ve been thinking about it for four days now, and I still don’t fucking know. I used to think it was easy, simple, of course I know what I want, it’s what I’m doing, right? But that was all yanked away from me long ago, and now life is too complicated. I don’t know what I want, I don’t know what I can have. I spent most of my time just being, going through the motions, and then you showed up. You and your stupid question.”
“It doesn’t have to be complicated,” he said. “It could be simple.”
“No,” I said, shaking my head. “It can’t. I am not simple, life isn’t simple.”
“I could make it simple for you.” His voice was quiet, but certain. An offer, a bargain, all I had to do was take it. His voice seemed to plead for a moment. “Let me make it simple for you. Let me hold you in my arms, and make everything all right. No one was supposed to go through this life alone, we all have someone there for us, someone who matches us. Let me be that person.”
God how I wanted to just take him up on it, but no, I knew it wasn’t that simple it never is. “I can’t give you children,” I said. There that would take care if it.
“Did I say I wanted children?” he asked. His stern mask fell. “You are my completing part, I know it. I want to devote my time to you, and all the rest will take care of itself.”
I felt my nipples press against my bra, I felt my pussy muscles tighten. I looked into his eyes, and I fell into his gaze. I closed my eyes, and went down on my knees. With the skirt I was wearing, the people in the restaurant were getting a show, but I didn’t care. It no longer mattered.
I knelt down, first on one knee, then the other. I lowered my head to his lap, and he ran his fingers through my hair. His hands slid under my arms, and he pulled me up, until we were hugging, him sitting, me kneeling on the ground.
His hands wrapped around me, and I knew peace for the first time in two weeks. His hands pulled me tightly to him, and I knew serenity for the first time… maybe ever. His head was next to mine, and he whispered in my ear, “Welcome Home. Welcome home, my love.”
I felt my pussy spasm again, and he kissed me, sending me over the edge with just a kiss.
There was just something about him. I knew it the moment I saw him.