Allie floated in the tube. She was wearing a latex catsuit, and a breathing mask. Something, like always, was stuffed in her cunt. She couldn’t hear anything, not even the splash of water: the tank was full, and dark. How long had she been down here? Why was the Society doing this to her?

It had been her idea to join the Society. While her husband had been on a long business trip, Allie had answered a personals ad. That had led her downtown, where she’d med Mistress Marie. They had had fun together, for a few days, and Allie had told her all her secrets. A week later, Mistress Marie and a male dominant showed up at their house.

Darren had been home.

They’d argued. Mistress Marie had bound and fucked him. The Master had fucked her ass in front of her husband. They’d signed the documents, and become members of the Society. Slaves.

She wondered if Darren regretted it.

It was so quiet.

She drifted off to sleep.

She woke up inside the tank. Where was she? What was going on? Why was she here? There was a buzzing in her cunt, the only thing she could feel. She moved, but couldn’t even tell she was moving. She was just floating. The buzzing stopped.

It was so dark. Or was it? Lights flashed in front of her eyes, she saw strange vision, heard strange sounds. None of it made any sense.

The buzzing started again. What was that?

She came. What an odd sensation.

Where was she, again?

A man lay next to her, being fucked by a leather-clad woman. “So it has come to this,” he said. He came inside the leather-clad woman. She wasn’t sure if she cared. Who was he?

What was his name again?

The buzzing began, this time twice as much, she rolled around, the only feeling she had was gravity, but even that was blurred, strange, as she floated.

For that matter, what was her name?

The buzzing intensified, and she came again.

How strange.

Further proof of my writing going back over older fantasies this story which I wrote a few days after Society Inititiation involves sensory deprivation much like Vacuum Bed.  


Date Night, Part 3

I pulled Madeline to me and gave her a kiss, thrusting my tongue between her lips. We were still in my car, stopped at the exit to her subdivision. She moaned into the kiss and I pulled her to me harder. When I finally broke the kiss, she stayed closed to me, her breathing heavy. Her nipples pressed against her little black dress that was still rucked up over her hips from where I’d fingered her to orgasm only moments before.

“I hate to break the kiss, Madeline,” I said. “But if we’re going to get to the ravishing, we should probably get moving.”

She laughed. I put my hands back on the wheel, and shifted the car into gear. She slid down in the car, so that her head was in my lap. I pushed down on the gas pedal, and her hand found my hard cock. “Is this okay, Sir?” she asked.

“By all means, Madeline. Suck my cock.”

She quickly got me unbuckled. I moved my seat back to give her a bit more room, and began heading south. I felt the cool air on my cock as she pulled it out from my pants, and then slid her mouth over it, warming it back up. Her lips caressed the shaft, and her tongue did interesting things I couldn’t stop paying attention to, as much as I needed to drive safely.

I turned onto a different route that I’d not normally take — it was too busy, with stop and go traffic. But since I was feeling no rush to hurry, I didn’t worry about how slow the traffic was. I’d inch forward, then break, and she’d ride up and down my cock a few times, and I’d get to actually feel it. There was no doubt in my mind that she was very good at this. A lot better than Thomas, but then he was a rank amateur — if a passionate one.

“You’re going to have to give Thomas lessons,” I said. “Maybe some of my other lovers, too.”

She pulled off of me. “You have other lovers?”

“Of course,” I said. “You didn’t think you and Thomas were the first married people I’ve had sex with.”

“No, I guess not,” she said. “What about not-married people, anyone special?”

“I only have sex with people in relationships,” I said. “Mostly married people. The odd gay couple and the one lesbian. Some spouses know, some don’t.”

“Anyone like Thomas and I?” she asked. She stroked my cock with her hand when she pulled off of me.

I pulled up a bit more, watching the red lights stream ahead of me. “No, never anyone like you, never both, not submissive and separately like that. No, you two are special.” I ran my hand through her hair, and she kept sucking on my cock.

We were driving down Riverside during rush hour, even though it was dark out. This was not the place to be unless you had to. On the other hand, there was a park on our right, and it looked fairly abandoned. Madeline’s head bobbed on me, and I could feel my need increase. I was some ways from coming, but she’d get me there.

“You might not want to make me come like that,” I said.

“Oh?” she asked around my cock.

“Thomas can only come if he eats my load, preferably out of you. You could hold it in your mouth all night, I guess, but that’d make for a poor dinner and conversation.”

She chuckled around my cock, and swallowed it down. She slowly lifted up off my cock. “You don’t want to come?”

“You don’t want to get fucked by your husband?”

“I want to get fucked by you,” she said.

“So be careful,” I said. “But don’t stop.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Traffic moved a bit more, and I turned into the park. I drove around the parking lot looking for a space which was mostly abandoned but that wasn’t also pitch black. I could leave the car’s lights on, if we needed to, but I’d rather disappear into the blackness. I only needed to see a little bit. Finally I found one and pulled into a parking space, just outside the light cone of a nearby streetlamp.

“Out,” I said. My Scion was a sporty car, and a great one to pick up a lover in, but it was much too small to fuck in. The blowjob Madeline had been giving me had left her pretty cramped in her seat — not that she minded. I got out of the car, but didn’t put my cock away. It bobbed in the air as Madeline twisted around and opened her door.

I walked around to her and offered her my hand, and pulled her up out of the car. Her heels gave her enough height that I could pull her into a kiss, and I did. As our tongues danced, I moved us up to the hood of the car, and pulled her skirt up to her waist, where it was still largely bunched up from earlier.

I broke the kiss. “You said something about wanting to be fucked?” I said. “Needing to be fucked?”

“No one has fucked me since night we were together. When I went home, I was horny for my husband, but I wouldn’t let him do more than lick me that night. I came, but… you hadn’t said I couldn’t yet.”

“I’m going to fix that, right now,” I said. Her eyes got big, and I turned her around, and bent her over the dark hood of my car. She spread her legs, and put her hands down to steady herself. I grabbed my cock and guided myself into her.

She was wet and tight and the angle she was at let me go deep inside her and fill her up. Her heels lifted her ass up and she was bent down on the car. I pressed down on the top of her back, and she bent even more. Her dress slid up her body exposing her back and belly, and her ass was blue-white in the light.

“Oh, fucking, God! Yes, Sir,” she said.

I grabbed her hips and dug my fingers into them and I fucked her. I was horny as hell from her husband’s mouth to hers, to my plans for the evening. Sure, I’d let them derail us into this park, but I had the little blue pills and the whole evening. I would deliver her back to her husband drenched in my sperm. He’d have loads and loads to lick and eat off her body.

My cock rammed in and out of her, fast and with no thought about her except to hear her grunts which increased with my pace. She urged me on as I took her. “You are mine,” I said.

“Yes, yes, fuck me Sir, fuck me.”

“Oh, Madeline, you are such a good slave.”

“Fuck me, Sir,” she said. “Just fuck me.”

I reached down and grabbed her hair, and pulled her back against me, pressing my cock as deep into her as I could. Cars drove by us, I could hear their engines and horns, but none came down into the park. I’m not sure I would have stopped if they did.

“You are a good fuck, Madeline. Such a whore for my cock.”

“Yes sir, please fuck me, Sir. Please let me come.”

“You can come whenever I’m touching you Madeline. You heard my rule.”

‘Oh, God yes,” she said. And she started coming. She twisted below me and I held onto her. I wrapped one hand around her, and grabbed a breast, and the other dug into her ass, holding her in place. I slid my cock in and out of her, slamming it home with each thrust. She just came and came and came.

And then I came, filling her up. I held myself in her, and she twitched on my cock as I spurted into her.

“Thank you, Master, thank you thank you thank you,” she said.

I pulled out of her. “Clean me off, slut,” I said. “We’ve got a long night ahead of us.” She turned around and squatted, and took my cock in her mouth, cleaning it off with her tongue, and tucking me back into my pants. The dress fell back down around her as she stood, but I knew she’d be leaking down her leg before long.

I took a deep breath. I’d lost control of myself and my evening. Not that Madeline necessarily noticed, but hopefully I’d gotten a bit of my control back. Maybe, maybe not. All I could think was that I already wanted to fuck her again.


Society Initiation

At least Darren was in the same position she was. It made sense considering they’d decided to do this together, submission to the Society. They were both naked and on their knees. Her lower calves were roped together; her forearms were bound behind her back. Two clamps were tightened down on her nipples and a jar hung between the the clamps, suspended on a chain.

Every few minutes or so, someone would come up, drop some small change in the jar, and jam their cock in her mouth. Sometimes they’d let her do it, but most of them just grabbed her long blonde hair, and fucked her face. They’d come, in her or on her, and the next one would step up.

Darren was mostly doing women, and they took longer. When is a woman done coming anyway? It’s not like with men. So Allie had some hope that she’d fill her jar before he did, even though it dragged down on her breast more and more as the men lined up to get a blow.

This was their night as entertainment for the Society’s club. Each time a pair of slaves was chosen to do whatever evil thing the dominants from the Society wanted. Usually it was a competition between them, and whoever won went — mostly — unbound for the day, and weren’t as restricted as normal. The last time she’d won, Allie had spent the day in bed masturbating over and over until she rubbed herself raw.

The next few days hadn’t been very comfortable, but since the Society didn’t guarantee them orgasm (in fact, quite the opposite), it was well worth it. Of course, losing was much less pleasant. The penalties involved were painful and unpleasant. And you were barred from orgasm for a week or more, a punishment the Society reveled in.

Lately they had taken to pairing her with her husband. If she won, he’d be put into a male chastity belt, and whipped and caned. Of course, if she lost, then the same would happen to her. Of course, she thought, wily, he would never be able to take advantage of “orgasm day” as fully as she could, and the thought of him bound, whipped, sent tingles through her.

The man in her mouth came against the back of her throat, and she dutifully swallowed. She didn’t care about the act anymore, but still loved the feel of being used, of being forced to choose whether she or her husband would be the one punished. Of course, Darren faced the same choices, and from the looks of things as he went down on Mistress Talia, he enjoyed it well.

Talia shuddered in orgasm, and she dropped several coins in Darren’s jar. He winced at the new weight against his nipples, and Talia pulled him back down to her cunt. This wasn’t the way it was supposed to work! Allie looked down at her jar, barely half-full, and over at her husband’s which was at least three-quarters full!

Before she could react, there was tinkling of coins, and another cock at her lips. She sucked him as he fucked her mouth. She realized she may not win, and her pussy clenched. Allie wasn’t sure which she wanted. If desire had been simple for her, she wouldn’t have joined the Society.

Behind her, she felt the gentle caress of Mistress Marie. “Suck well, my darling, you have to get through a lot more men than your precious husband. I have a wager running on this, and if you fail me, well, I’ll make sure your punishment is exquisite.”

Allie moaned around the cock, sucking harder, trying to get him off faster and better. Behind her, Mistress Marie cackled with glee. Allie orgasmed as cum hit the back of her throat.

The Society mentioned here becomes the main rail of Sir Tortuga’s Society/Fucktoy Blog as well as influencing Girl #16180.  It’s probable the Society exists in the Cuckolder and Fellatist universes as well. I hope to write some stuff about them again. In fact, the next archival piece follows Allie and Darren, somewhat. (And mirrors some of the other more current pieces I’ve been writing, which is interesting.  For instance, compare this with “to Suck” .

Date Night, Part 2

Thomas’ saliva on my cock was still drying when his wife, Madeline, came down the stairs into their living room where I waited. I stood up as she descended the stairs and looked at her. Her hair was down, and cascaded down her back. The black dress that Serena bought hugged her curves leaving little to the imagination. She wore three inch heels that made her hips sway as she came downstairs.

I would have been hard if Thomas hadn’t just given me his first blowjob only moments ago.

I admired her dress, it’s V-neck showing lots of cleavage while the dress’s empire waist supported her breasts — a good thing, since I’d told her to wear the dress, heels and nothing else. The skirt hugged and stretched over her hips, ending several inches above her knees. She saw me looking at her, and blushed. “You look ravishing, Madeline,” I said.

She blushed, “Thank you. This is not my normal sort of dress.”

“I suits you well,” I said. The dress was tighter than what she’d normally wear, and showed more of her body than she’d shown me last week — at least before I got her up into my penthouse suite. Some men — stupid ones — would call her fat, but what she was was luxurious. A luxury I intended to make my own and to indulge myself in, just as I was doing with her husband.

Thomas was behind her, but I ignored him and stepped up to his wife. I lifted her chin and kissed her. Gently at first, and then more passionately. I broke the kiss and she was even more flushed. “Ready for a night out you won’t soon forget?”

“Do I have a choice?” she asked.

“Do you want one?” I replied.

She smiled and shook her head. I took her arm and led her out to the car, opening the door for her and moving over to my side. I looked up and Thomas was standing in the door. I gave him a half wave, put my car in gear, pulled out of their driveway, and headed out of their subdivision.

As I drove through their subdivision, she asked me. “So may I ask where we’re going tonight?”

“Well, that depends,” I said. I pulled up to a stop sign and turned to her. “Did you dress as I asked you to?”

“Yes, Master,” she said.

“Show me,” I said.


“Now,” I said.

She pulled one of the shoulder straps to the side freeing her breast. Her nipple was hard, and had little crinkles around it. “That one is easy,” I said. “Serena said the dress had built in supports.”

“And it’s backless,” Madeline said. “So yeah, no bra is easy.”

“Show me the rest, then, Madeline.” She swallowed. “If you’re not willing to show it to me,” I said. “How am I going to fuck it tonight? How will your husband eat my come out of your pussy when I drop you off this evening?” Her breathing quickened, and her nipples showed through the dress.

She looked around, reached for the hem of her dress, and pulled it up. I knew she wasn’t wearing panties, because I could smell her arousal. I reached over and slid my hand up her thigh until it rested just over her naked lips. I unfolded her with my fingers and slid my middle finger between her folds, feeling her wetness and seeking out her clit. “Good girl, Madeline,” I said.

“Have you come all week?”

“No, Master,” she said. “It was very hard to avoid it. And if you keep that up I won’t be able to obey.”

I teased her a bit more and laughed. “I have a new rule for you. I gave Thomas his already — he can come once for each load of my come he swallows.” She nodded, and I teased her further, running my finger up and down her slit and gently around her clit. I watched her to see what she liked — I’d still have to learn that, but I had a million tricks to keep her on edge.

“What is my rule, Master?”

“Your rule is that I have to be touching you. You can come any time I am touching you.” She nodded and gasped as I teased her. “Like now, Madeline. Like I’m touching you now.”

“D-does that mean?”

“Yes, yes it does, Madeline. Not only can you, but I want you to. Right here in my car in the twilight as we sit stopped in your neighborhood, while who knows watches and can maybe make out who we are. I want you to feel my finger as it touches your private place and I want you to come.”

As I spoke, her breathing grew more rapid and her hand grabbed my thigh and squeezed it tight. Her other hand she balled into a fist and stuck it in her mouth. When I said the last work her back arched she let out a muffled scream as she came.

“Oh, oh, oh, thank you Master,” she said. “Now can I ask where we’re going?”

“There’s a bar near my hotel that has good food and dancing,” I said. “Plus, it’s near my hotel.”

She laughed. “I think I see what your plan is.”


“You’re going to seduce me with good food and dancing and then take me up to your lair where you will have your way with me.”

“Oh, Madeline,” I said. “I plan on having my way with you long before that.”


“On the dance floor. During dinner. Maybe even before we get to the restaurant.”

She swallowed. “Yes, Sir,” she replied.

I do believe she was looking forward to it.

Date Night, Part 1

I was thirty minutes early when I knocked on Thomas and Madeline’s door.

I am usually early, ten minutes maybe fifteen — that’s only polite. Of course, being thirty minutes early is fairly rude. There’s no way that Madeline would be ready, but then, I was counting on that.

No one answered, so I knocked again. Their house was nice, two story, two car garage. Probably a finished basement. A lot of house for two people, though. They yard was well kept, the bushes neatly trimmed, flowerbeds awash with color. That had Thomas’ mark on it — he was a well kept man, and kept himself quite well.

I knocked again, louder this time, and heard someone shout “Coming!” from the inside. I stepped back from the door and waited while Thomas opened it. “You’re early,” he said. “She’s not ready.”

“I know,” I said. “I’m early on purpose.”

“You might as well come in,” he said. He led me into a room with a fireplace, a sectional couch and a love seat. There were pictures on the mantlepiece of him, Madeline and what I presumed was their daughter.

“I didn’t realize you had children,” I said.

“Just Maggie,” he said. “She was born while we were in college; now she’s in college.”

“A freshman?”

“Yep, at OSU, she’s living on campus. Wouldn’t want her parents to cramp her style.”

“Or her to cramp ours, eh?”

I guess, he said. “You know she’s not going to be ready until after six, right?”

“I figured,” I said. “I have my reasons.”

I settled on to the sectional sofa, and he started to sit down, thought better of it, and turned to me. “Can I get you something to drink?”

“No, thank you,” I said. “But there is something you can do for me.”

“What can I do for you?”

I settled down on his couch and spread my legs. “You can get down on your knees here and give me a blowjob.”

“What?” he said.

I smiled at him. His face held a bewildered expression on it. “You heard me, Thomas,” I said. “I know you and Madeline are submissive, and you’ve both separately agreed to be mine. That means I have some expectations.”

“Like blowjobs.”

“Like when I ask you to do something, you say ‘Yes, Sir’ and you do it.”

“I thought it was your date night with Maddy,” he said.

“And I’ve been thinking about it all week. Have you come since you were in my office?” He shook his head. “I bet Madeline hasn’t either,” I said. “Makes a person horny waiting or even planning for a night out like the one I’ve got lined up for your wife. So I’d like a blowjob. Now.”

I stared him in the eyes. I was calm and just looked at him. His eyes held mine and I just smiled at him and kept his gaze. Anyone who had ever owned a dog knew what was going on here. He had to push the boundary — everything we tell men they have to do was telling him he couldn’t just give in to me and suck my cock. He couldn’t suck my cock and then let me take his wife out on a date.

But I knew something about Thomas. All those expectations were too much for him. He could fake it at work in service to his family, but it wasn’t who he was. In fact, he could only act so manly because he was in service to something. What I wanted was for him to be in service to me, and I would free him from all of that. All he had to do was acknowledge that I was his master.

The sweat beaded on his brow. His jaw clenched. I just smiled at him, and kept his gaze, doing my best not to blink. He swallowed and took a deep breath. Then he looked away, down. “Yes, Sir,” he said.

As he knelt before me, I told him, “Good, Thomas. Embrace who you are, and know I will value it. And if I value your service, you will be rewarded.”

He reached up for my pants, undid the belt, and pulled the zipper down. He pulled my cock out from my boxers, and I was hard. I knew I would be, this excited me, and just to be sure, I’d had a bit of the little blue pills earlier.

He hesitated for a moment. “I’ve — I’ve never done this,” he said.

“But you’ve always wanted to?”

“Since I was a teenager,” he said. “I’ve wanted to know what it was like to suck cock, but I was too afraid. The submission part came later.”

I ran my hand through his hair, brushing it back gently. “You have the equipment, Thomas. You know what feels good. And I’ll let you know.” He swallowed and nodded. “Now, suck your master’s cock.”

He let out a single laugh, nodded again, and slid his lips over my cock.

“Aaah, that’s good,” I told him. “Suck your master’s cock.” His head bobbed up and down on my cock, and one of his hands held the base, and jacked me off a bit. My balls were still inside my boxers, and that was fine. One lesson at a time.

I let him try things, tongue, licking my cock, playing with the head, and teasing my frenum. The last was good and I let him know. Then he started to see how much of my cock he could get in his mouth. I leaned back and let his warmth engulf me. He was enthusiastic, and that was worth a lot. Training could come later.

“This is the rule for you, Thomas: every load of my come you eat earns you an orgasm, however you want. Even loads you eat out of my other toy, your wife.”

He moaned around my cock then, bobbing his head and taking my cock deeper and deeper into his mouth. “I can promise you that with my plans, I’ll be fucking her tonight. At least one load is going in that sweet cunt of hers. I’ll bring her back here, and then you can use your oral talents to eat your master’s come out of her.”

He moved a bit faster, and his hand wrung my cock as he bounced up and down. His tongue beat a pattern against my cock as he sucked and bobbed.

“And then you can fuck your wife,” I said. “How long has it been since you two fucked — did she come home horny the night I fucked her in my suite?” He grunted in the affirmative. “Was that the last time?” Another grunt.

“So more than a week, then,” I said. “A week when neither of you came or fucked each other.” I laughed. “And all you’ll have to do is to get me to come in your mouth or let me fuck your wife.”

He moaned. He was doing well, and I jerked my hips back and forth, forcing myself deeper into his throat. “Yes, that’s it Thomas,” I said “Take my cock, swallow me down. Each one, another chance to come, to fuck your wife.” He pressed forward, against my thrusts, and I grabbed his hair in my hand, and fucked into his face.

“Oh, yes,” I said. “That’s the ticket.” And I came down his throat, and all over his tongue. He pulled off of me and coughed a bit, and looked up at me sheepishly.

“Thank you, Sir,” he said.

“Good enough for a first try,” I said. “You will need more practice, of course.”

“Of course, Sir,” he said, and blushed.

“Now, clean me up and put me away before your wife comes down.” There was a bit of come on his lip, but I didn’t tell him about it. Just a little souvenir, right?

He cleaned me off with his mouth, without needing to be told, and then tucked me back into my boxers, and zipped up my pants. As he reached for the buckle, Madeline called down, “Thomas, honey? Can you zip me up?”

He looked up at me. “Go ahead,” I said. “I can handle this.”

“Yes, Sir,” he said. I fixed my belt and watched him go. It wouldn’t be long now before I was fucking his wife.

Vacuum Bed

Trigger warning: claustrophobia

It was only called a bed because that was what it was made from. What it felt like was a prison, or a cocoon. How she felt about it depended greatly on which of those two it was.

The only sound she could hear was the drone of the vacuum which sucked all the air out between two vinyl sheets that used to be the top and the bottom of a water bed. The only thing left between the sheets was her naked body. The only connection to the outside of her prison cocoon was a tube that held her mouth open and gave her air.

The vinyl was pulled tight by the vacuum and touched her skin everywhere. It pressed against her breasts and held her arms in place. She could feel it mold itself around her legs, her thighs. It pressed against her sex. It wrapped around her head, between her fingers and pressed tight against her shoulders.

She’d been bound before. Rope wrapped around her body, suspended from a ceiling, but that was nothing compared to this. She couldn’t move and the vinyl, while it touched her everywhere, was nothing like the rope.

The rope rubbed against her (smooth and rough at the same time) and the vinyl just disappeared. It touched her everywhere, but she couldn’t feel it. It was like air that way — ubiquitous and invisible. She only knew it was there because of its effects. Because she couldn’t see; because she couldn’t move.

Outside there were people looking at her, she knew. She wondered if her nipples were hard enough to be seen, two points frozen in carbonite. She wondered if it pressed tightly enough that they could see the folds of her sex outlined in vinyl. She wondered if they could tell how wet she was.

She couldn’t move. She couldn’t hear. She couldn’t speak. She couldn’t see. The plastic hose had no taste, and the smell of the vinyl waterbed overpowered any other scent.

There was nothing to do but think and be, and in that she was totally free. No choices or responsibilities or anything that needed doing. All she could do was lie there and try to feel the vinyl hug her tight and keep her imprisoned in her cocoon.

Fingers trailed down the outside of the cocoon and it was like a million fingers — not hard or big, but intense. It was the only difference. One trailed up her arm and it was the most intensely sensual gesture she’d ever felt. Then they slid over her breasts and idly ran around and over her nipples. Then they were gone.

An eternity later, touches on the inside of her thigh. Light, thunderous slaps that she could — almost — hear. Then touches against her sex, light, easy, hard, easy, light and gone. She wanted to yell out, to tell them to touch her. To touch her however they wanted so long as they did something, anything, anything at all.

But there was nothing. Just the stillness and the drone and the smell of vinyl.

She breathed in through the tube and out again.




Fingers then against her thigh, in the place there, then running up and over her sex. Her breath caught. The fingers pressed on, a bit harder, a bit surer, a bit more insistent. It had to be him. No one else touched her that way.

Please let it be him.

Please let it be anyone, so long as they didn’t stop.

She arched her back against the touch to get more, but still couldn’t move. She was bound in the dark with nothing but the touch of a strangers (or his?) fingers against her sex.

There wasn’t anything else.

There wasn’t anything else to do or focus on.

So she just felt it.

And the fingers pressed on, and she was coming (moaning around the tube, unheard by anyone, even herself) and she was writhing (in place, held there by the vacuum bed) and she felt electricity flow through her (and at first there was nothing to do but notice) and then she was all of that. Fingers, pussy, come, electricity, quiet, bound and sated.

The fingers stopped and she just lay there quietly, thoughtlessly, forever.

Until the vaccum was turned off and the vinyl was lifted, and he was there.


He couldn’t take one more hit: his back was raw, his knees week. When she unclasped his hands from the chain above him, he collapsed to his knees. He rubbed his face against her legs. “I’m so sorry, sorry sorry,” he said.

She patted him on the head, caressing him. She touched his shoulder, guiding him up onto the bed as she lay down on it. He curled up next to her, and she pulled his head to her breasts. Tears streamed down his face, and onto her breasts, sliding down them, leaving warm salty trails.

“Shhhh,” she said. “It’s ok, it’s ok.”

“I tried to take it,” he said. “I just couldn’t take any more.”
“I know, honey, I know.” She squeezed some body oil onto his back. He tensed at first, and then she gently rubbed it in. “You know why we do this, right?”

“Because I’m so bad?” He asked. He knew he was worthless, pointless scum. He couldn’t do anything right, nothing at all. He couldn’t even take one more hit. He sniffled. “Because I’m so bad.” He couldn’t say worthless. He couldn’t say useless. He wanted to, to let her know he was the worst thing in the world, but all he could say was “bad”. He sobbed.

“Shh shhh, ” she said, running her other hand through his hair. “That’s not right, and you know it.”

He let out a long sob. He hadn’t even gotten the question right, even though he knew, he knew he’d given the true answer. Her arms encircled him. “No, no,” she said, rocking him. “I would never do this for someone who was bad,” she said. “I love you, always and forever.”

He shuddered, crying tears of relief. “B-but, I said ‘Red’.”

“You took more than you’ve ever taken for me, hon.” She went back to rubbing the oil into his red back. “You’re going to be bruised,” she said with a smile in her voice. “I thought you would yellow a long time ago.”

“I didn’t want to red,” he said. “You just kept hitting the same place over and over and over…”

“Right here?” she asked, running her fingers over it.

He gasped, a quick indrawn breath. “Yes.”

“Come up here,” she said. “Kiss me.”

He slid up her body, and kissed her tenderly, a chaste kiss. “No,” she said. “Kiss me.” Her hand slid down to his ass, groping and squeezing. He kissed her, his tongue snaking out, and touching hers. She moaned. Her legs spread apart. “Fuck me,” she said.

He blinked away the last of the tears, and he was calm like he hadn’t been in weeks. A good flogging and a cry, and the stress and doubt were gone. He positioned himself over her, and plunged inside her wet cunt. He sighed happily at the way it felt to be inside her.

He smiled down at her, and she moaned up at him. “I love you,” he said.

“And I love you.”


I have spent the last week being very careful. I washed all the dishes, and all the laundry is done, except what Sir is wearing. (I have been naked all week.) I made dinner every night, and didn’t burn it once, although I came close on Tuesday, and had to be spanked. Sir said my blowjob skills had improved so much that night, and I swallowed it all, so that black mark was off my list.

So, for the first week since I moved here, I had a week with no black marks. I only had one gold star, from last night where I spent the night tied to the bed, and Sir used me in all my holes, coming four times (once with my hands). I also obeyed him all week, and even as he used me last night and I desperately wanted to, I did not come.

I want very much to come.

My pussy is wet and red with arousal all the time. My nipples poke out and the slightest breeze hardens them as I work in Sir’s house, or kneel at his feet while he eats dinner and reads the paper. My ass is red because I hoped that a spanking would earn me another star and because I thought it might keep me from coming.

But let me tell you a secret: I almost came from the spanking, from his hands on me, and on my ass, and caressing my tits.

He told me I could write on this site, anything I want. Even for someone to come and get me and take me away, if I wanted. But that is not what I want.

I want very much to come.

I could, I guess, sneak my fingers between my labia while he was at work. It wouldn’t take much and he has taken the chastity device away, and almost never uses the armbands that cruelly tie my hands back, except when he wants me to suffer for him. But I don’t, because he forbade it. And because I just need two stars to come. Three if I want him to make me come. Four if I want him to fuck me when I come.

I want very much to come.

I want very much to come by his hand.

I want very very much to come with Sir’s cock deep in my slutty pussy.

And this is why I’ve come to Fuckstarter.

Sir has promised me that for each 10 likes, plusses or retweets, I’ll get a gold star. The same for every $5 I earn for my posts. For each four gold stars I get, I get fucked by his cock. If I get five, I’ll even be allowed to come back here and post a detailed description of how he used me that week. If we get enough for toys (and I hope we do!) I’ll do an in-action report and review.

And all those stories and reviews will go out to everyone, enriching their sex lives (and mine!), if only you’ll donate to our Fuckstarter. Just the idea of writing all that for you has me dripping wet. I really need to do something about that, and you can help. Check out the social icons below, and the donation buttons!

I want very much to come.

My other choice is to behave and earn the stars on my own by being a good girl.

So I desperately need your help, because I want very much to come.

And you can help.

Donate, like, and share this Fuckstarter with your friends, and I’ll earn enough stars that I can be pierced on my Sir’s large and throbbing man meat.


Slave Misty


Keeping Her In Suspense

“Do not come.”

The command had been simple, if hard to obey. Rachel had been bound in full rope bondage, the ropes wound around her body, encircling her waist and each of her breasts. More ropes had been tied around her breasts, turning them purple. Then she had been suspended from the ceiling. Vertiginously, Rachel had agreed to the command — her head swam too much to focus on orgasm.

Mistress Jane had then added to the mix. A vibrator, held in place by the Japanese bondage, set on a timer which frustrated her from orgasm, but always left her higher and higher. She tried to focus on the ground, spinning below her, but that made her queasy. She might not come, but Mistress wouldn’t be happy with a messy floor. Mistress decided to “help” her with that, by giving her a blindfold.

Then Rachel started feeling feather touches on her distended, super-sensitive nipples. As she spun, she came in contact with something — a feather duster or single feather, teasingly touching her nipples, playing with her. The vibrator kicked on inside her, revving her arousal ever higher.

“Do not come,” Mistress Jane said. “Or you will be sorely punished.”

Rachel knew the punishment would be bad, not enjoyable. Not like Mistress’ other “punishments.”

The feathers teased her nipples, again, and again as she spun. The vibrator clicked off and on again. She shifted in response, the knot of rope above her pussy brushing brusquely against her clit.

Sweat beaded on her brow, as she tried to focus on not orgasming. On anything but where she was, and what she was doing. Her back arched, she cried out, twisting. She would not come, she would obey Mistress’ orders.

Rachel heard her Mistress’ laughter as she fought the inevitable.

Pet Sitter

The man who answered the door had an Eastern European accent, although his English was impeccable — better than mine. His house was on a cul-de-sac in a development nestled somewhere between Upper Arlington and Dublin. For those not from the Columbus area, that means he was pretty rich.

But that didn’t surprise me, the pay for pet sitting that he’d sent to me when I responded to his Craigslist ad told me he was pretty rich, if not filthy rich. The consent for a background check I filled out confirmed it. “I’m Tom Mays,” I said. “I’m here about the pet sitting job.”

“Oh, yes,” he said. “You’re right on time. I’m not used to that — in Europe things are more casual.”

I nodded and he waved me in, and tapped a sheet of paper on a table in his anteroom. There was a small briefcase on it, tied with a bow. He ignored it, so I did too. “Read, sign. And take off your shoes. No shoes in the house, that’s the rule. One of them.” He chuckled at that.

The paper was a non-disclosure agreement. I’d seen one when I interned at a tech firm downtown. I shrugged and signed it. He looked at it and nodded. “Good, good. I’ll show you how to take care of Tatiana now.”

One of the odd things was that he’d not told me what sort of animal it was. “Tatiana is your…”

“Pet,” he said. “A very good one.”

We walked into a large open living room. There was a dining room and nice kitchen off of it, and an enclosed porch on the back. He walked up to it, and pulled out a set of keys. “I will be out of the country for four months,” he said. “The plan is that you will live here, and take care of Tatiana. You have the time, right?”

“I’m a college student,” I said. “I can arrange my schedule however you need.

“Good. Pay is housing and food and a small stipend, which goes on a debit card. Plus you get to play with Tatiana. All of this depends on how you two get along.”

“I’m pretty good with animals,” I said.

“Animals,” he said. He laughed a deep hearty laugh. “That’s a good one, Tom. You’ll do fine.” He slapped me on the back and opened up the back porch.

Inside was a dog cage for a medium to large dog, a bowl of water fed from a large bin, and a food bowl which was empty. Stacks of canned stew lined the shelves. “Three of these every day,” he said. He pulled a can down off the shelf, opened it up and dumped it in the bowl. “On nice days she can stay outside if she wants — she has a lead and it must be on, yes?” I nodded. “But make sure she goes out at least three times a day — and only outside!”

“Of course.”

He opened the back door, and called out, “Tatiana! Come here baby, I want you to meet your new caretaker.”

I stepped out on the porch with him and surely my jaw dropped and my eyes grew wide as a naked woman ran on all fours up to us. She had a collar, and some sort of odd bit in her mouth, and of course a chain on a lead. She bounced around us, and rubbed her head against our legs, particularly our crotch. Yaroslav just laughed, and let us inside.

Stunned, I just followed as he walked back into the living room, and she followed behind him, crawling. I watched her ass as it swayed back and forth. He sat on the couch, and motioned for me to sit beside him. “Sit,” he told Tatiana, and she knelt in front of him. He pulled out a key and unlocked the bit in her mouth, and pulled it off her head.

“This,” he said to me. “Is the most important part of your job. Every day, you hear me? Every day!”

I nodded.

“Tatiana,” he said. “You are a free woman, you may go when you want, and there is a briefcase on the table with clothes and money, and accounts — more than you can spend, yes?” She nodded. “It’s all yours if you want, or, you can choose this. It’s up to you.”

She smiled, and moved forward, and put her face in his crotch. She pulled his pants down with her teeth and his cock popped out. I watched as she sank her lips over it, and bobbed up and down. “Every day she chooses,” he said. “I wanted to set her free, but no every day. I can’t complain too much. I want you to ask her every day, encourage her to be free — there’s a bonus if she does that. If not, I guess she’s the bonus, eh?” He laughed.

“You can fuck me tonight, Tatiana. Taste the boy, he’s the one who’ll be taking care of you.”

She came over to me, and pulled my pants down. I admit I helped. She engulfed my cock with one big swallow, and I gasped as she began bobbing up and down on it. “There are rules,” Yaroslav said. “I’ll send you a pdf. Ms Hines will be in to clean and check on you both every week. She’ll let me know if you mistreat Tatiana.”

Right then I had no plans to mistreat her at all. What she was doing was blowing my mind. And literally my cock.

“You ask her every day, and help her go if she chooses. Otherwise, she serves you and you fuck her until you can’t take it anymore, okay?”

“Okay,” I said.

“Good man. Tatiana, present,” he said. She jumped up on the couch and stuck her face in his crotch, and her ass in the air. “You’re a greedy little bitch,” he said as she sucked his cock down. “Fuck her, boy, fuck her. This is your job.”

I grabbed her hips and sank into her. She was wet and ready and tight. She whimpered when I slid into her, and Yaroslav laughed happily. I had to admit it was weird, but I’d been hard since I’d seen her, and it was my job. I wondered what sort of person chooses to be a pet. She’d never spoken a single word, even. And she certainly hadn’t complained when I, a complete stranger, started fucking her.

I finally came — and I think she did, but I admit I wasn’t paying attention. Yaroslav grabbed her head and I watched as he filled her mouth with his cum. When he was done, he said, “Down!” and she slid off the couch, and put two fingers in her pussy and pulled out my come and began eating that. I could feel myself stirring, but Yaroslav was getting up, and pulling on his own pants.

I followed suit.

“So,” I said. “When do I start.”

He looked over at her. “Tomorrow. I have one more night with her. I’ll wear her out for your first day, yes?”

I laughed and nodded.

“She needs this,” he said. “Keep her healthy, good exercise, variety of activities that sort of thing. Bring your stuff tomorrow, and we’ll put you up in the master suite. Give you all of the keys. Ms. Hines will be here too, she’ll show you around.”

I looked at Tatiana wistfully myself and felt myself stirring in my pants. “Tomorrow,” I said.

“Yes,” he laughed. “Tomorrow.”

This was going to be a great job.