Summer of 89

When Brian and his family leave Columbus for Cleveland, everything changes. His neighbor is hot, and interested in a little exchange, and Brian gets his first taste of cuckoldry.

Chapter 1: She Drives Me Crazy
Brian and family move to Cleveland from Columbus, OH. He meets his sexy neighbor who has an offer that's hard to refuse.
Chapter 2: Wild Thing
Brian's first 'payday' with Janet is almost as good as he'd hoped. Or maybe better.
Chapter 3: Love Shack
Brian buys some condoms and is justly rewarded in Janet's basement.
Chapter 4: Straight Up
A local girl Brian's age guess that he has a secret lover; Brian gets a thumbs up in Janet's marital bed.
Chapter 5: Lay Your Hands On Me
Date night with Cindy finally arrives and Cindy proposes a sexy game to satisfy themselves and her curiosity.
Chapter 6: My Prerogative
On the Fourth of July, Cindy and Janet meet, and Cindy pulls Brian aside to pump him for information.
Chapter 7: If I Could Turn Back Time
Janet invites Brian up for a quickie before he heads out on his date with Cindy, and things don't work out like expected.
Chapter 8: In Your Room
After his shocking experience at Janet's, Brian runs to his girlfriend's house for their date, and some comfort, and perhaps something more?
Chapter 9: Eternal Flame
Cindy makes her guess as to Janet's identity, and a virgin is deflowered. And Brian learns more about what might be going on.
Chapter 10: Smooth Criminal